10 Best Theories Regarding Yasmin Finney’s Rose, According To Twitter


Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary is set to be a spectacular television event, with many characters old and new confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming special. One of the most tantalizing announcements concerns the casting of Yasmin Finney as Rose, who Russell T Davies has teased will “change the Whoniverse.”

This intriguing news has left fans mystified by the new Rose’s identity, with the casting reveal being noticeably vague about Yasmin Finney’s role. Twitter, in particular, has posed several theories regarding Rose’s place inside the Whoniverse, as they eagerly speculate her importance within the show’s near future.


The Moment

The Moment is one of the series’ most powerful weapons, with the sentient device being capable of destroying Gallifrey, the Daleks, and the Time Lords within a single second. Twitter user @tangeryooni has suggested Yasmin Finney could be about to portray a new version of the Moment, with the device having previously taken on the form of Rose Tyler in her Bad Wolf phase.

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This grand notion could provide some especially high stakes for the 60th Anniversary, as the Tenth Doctor and Donna team up to keep the Moment out of the wrong hands. The Doctor’s enemies obtaining this deadly weapon could lead to some disastrous consequences, giving the 60th Special a suitably epic storyline, with the universe potentially facing its greatest ever threat.

Vinder And Bel’s Child

Jodie Whittaker’s third series, entitled “Flux,” features many gripping storylines, and one of the biggest standouts concerns Vinder and Bel’s romance. The star-crossed pair’s journey concludes with the reveal that Bel is pregnant, and while some fans believe the identity of this baby will be revealed in the Centenary Special, @Deadlynight reckons their child may be Yasmin Finney’s Rose.

With Vinder and Bel’s child remaining a mystery by Flux’s finale, a 60th reveal for the child’s identity could be a highly probable outcome. Additionally, Vinder’s space station being named “Operation Outpost Rose” gives the pair a reason to name their offspring by Finney’s character name, offering a strong connection to Vinder’s character journey as the station’s lovestruck observation officer.

Rose Tyler’s Daughter

Regarded by fans as the best companion, Rose Tyler is one of the Doctor’s closest allies, with the pair having shared a strong romance during their travels through space and time. Twitter poster @mariinqueerland believes Yasmin Finney’s Rose could have a connection to the Time Lord’s former assistant, as the daughter of the Doctor’s former lover.

With Rose Tyler currently trapped in Pete’s World, this familial link to the revival’s original companion seems somewhat unlikely. However, with stories including “Army Of Ghosts/Doomsday” having previously shown characters from the parallel universe finding ways to break into Doctor Who’s “main” reality, Yasmin Finney’s Rose may have discovered her own entry point into the Doctor’s part of the galaxy.

Alien Or The Future

Doctor Who’s limitless potential is one of its greatest strengths, with the Doctor’s trusty TARDIS allowing the show to explore various worlds and times. Twitter user @DarkCyan12 has posed the theory that Rose could be an alien or from the future, stating his wish for the show to deliver a greater number of characters from outside Present Day Britain.

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This truly incredible notion could lead to some particularly creative avenues for Russell T. Davies and actor Yasmin Finney, as the pair are given the opportunity to invent a new alien race or future society. Rose’s extra-terrestrial or futuristic roots would give the show endless possibilities for the series’ latest addition, effectively giving the creative team a blank canvas to explore various otherworldly beliefs and traditions from Rose’s homeworld.

The Fourteenth Doctor’s Companion

Ncuti Gatwa’s casting as the Fourteenth Doctor has delighted viewers across the globe, with the Sex Education star having impressed audiences with his many fun reactions to his upcoming Doctor Who role. Although the identity of the upcoming Doctor’s companion has yet to be confirmed, tweeter @WilliamPrice413 suggests Rose could join the legendary Time Lord on his future travels.

The series’ landmark episode would be a spectacular way to introduce the new companion, with the hotly-anticipated story set to be one of the show’s biggest installments. Furthermore, Yasmin Finney’s new character joining the TARDIS would act as a neat call-back to the 2005 revival’s early beginnings, which also saw the Doctor traveling through space and time with a brave young woman named Rose.

Time Lord Rose

Regenerations are a key aspect of Doctor Who’s history, with some of the show’s most important characters including the Doctor and the Master having displayed the ability to change their appearance upon death. Twitter’s @thehansell13 has speculated that Rose Tyler could be the latest to take on a new form, with the Doctor’s former companion becoming a Time Lord.

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Rose regenerating into Yasmin Finney’s character seems a distinct possibility, with other human individuals such as River Song having acquired regenerative abilities during their TARDIS travels. Rose’s decision to stare into the TARDIS’s heart may have bestowed the former shop assistant with these powers, similarly to how River’s capabilities came from the TARDIS, transforming Rose’s DNA into something much more extraordinary.

Donna’s Daughter

Considered by many to be the best companion, Donna Noble is one of the show’s most tragic characters, with the Doctor’s feisty best mate having lost her memories of her adventures following a climactic battle with Davros and the Daleks. Twitter poster @_MxtthewHxl_ proposes that Rose could be the daughter of the legendary Time Lord’s former assistant.

Rose being Donna’s offspring would explain why she carries the same first name as Rose Tyler, with the Chiswick temp having previously met the former shop assistant multiple times. With the press release regarding Catherine Tate’s return having teased Donna regaining her memories (Via Doctor Who TV), Rose’s name would be a neat way to tease the character beginning to recall her previous escapades. Posters on Twitter have also claimed to have heard Rose refer to Donna as her mother during filming, adding further credibility to this delightful theory.

Parallel Universe Rose

The notion of a multiverse has proven a tantalizing concept for viewers in recent years, with movies including Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness having captured the audience’s imagination with their deep exploration of this grand idea. Twitter user @Darilliumchild thinks Yasmin Finney’s casting as Rose may hint at Doctor Who offering its own multiversal storyline, with the character fulfilling the role of an alternate universe Rose Tyler.

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The Heartstopper actor’s Doctor Who debut wouldn’t be the first time that the show has delved into the idea of multiple universes, with the Doctor having discovered parallel worlds such as E-Space and Pete’s World during their travels. Rose originating from an alternate reality could also provide the perfect explanation for Donna being able to recall her adventures, with Catherine Tate playing a version of her beloved character who retained the memories of her travels.

Bad Wolf Rose

“Bad Wolf/The Parting Of The Ways” provided the revival’s first series with an epic conclusion, with the Doctor’s companion Rose becoming the “Bad Wolf” entity. Twitter user @jammiejam93 believes this memorable plot point may return in the 60th Anniversary Special, as Yasmin Finney plays a version of Rose Tyler created by her Bad Wolf form.

With Rose being able to control both life and death during her Bad Wolf phase, it seems likely that she would be able to spread other versions of herself across space and time. The sci-fi program has previous precedent for introducing different versions of the Doctor’s companions, with the show’s universe being home to several distinct variations of Clara Oswald, meaning a new variant of Rose Tyler seems a distinct possibility.

The Metacrisis Doctor’s Daughter

The Metacrisis Doctor is one of the original Russell T. Davies era’s most shocking elements, with his explosive debut having surprised viewers during “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End.” Tweeter @ClaudiaBoleyn has suggested Yasmin Finney’s Rose could have a connection to this half-human Doctor, as the daughter of the Time Lord’s vengeful clone.

With David Tennant having been spotted on set by Twitter sporting a different costume, this interesting theory seems highly probable. Rose as the Metacrisis Doctor’s daughter would explain why the Time Lord’s tenth incarnation looks noticeably older, while also providing a rational explanation for his wildly different choice of clothes, as the time traveler’s clone seeks to create his own identity separate from that of the Doctor.

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