114 Top B2B Companies to Know 2024


Without collaboration, an advanced and consistently developing marketplace would be an impossibility. Companies across industries rely on the products, services and capabilities produced by other organizations to accomplish tasks that are as challenging as maintaining cloud infrastructure or as ubiquitous as receiving shipments. 

This business model of facilitating success between organizations — known as business to business, or B2B — allows partnerships to develop, marketing to be more transparent and entire industries to thrive while fulfilling specific company goals.

Numerous companies operate as strictly B2B companies, like many software companies and accounting firms, while others, such as talent acquisition organizations, operate on both the B2B and business to consumer, or B2C, sides to solve different sets of challenges in similar ways. 

Working with clients across a range of industries like logistics, e-commerce and restaurant technology, these B2B companies have made a name for themselves.

Prominent B2B Companies To Know

  • Microsoft
  • ServiceNow
  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • monday.com
  • Cisco
  • Qualtrics
  • FedEx
  • Drata
  • Docusign


B2B Companies to Know

Zone & Company is a NetSuite partner that makes software for billing and revenue within NetSuite-managed finance offices, which supports the back-office processes of enterprise finance teams. Its tools for billing, reporting, reconciling, approvals, payments and payroll customize NetSuite capacities for the specific client organization, so that the software supports and manages the particular processes the company has adopted. 


LeanIX works with IT architecture, helping B2B clients deal with the rigorous process of simultaneously maintaining their IT and business process structures. It looks for areas of potential modernization and creates a plan for how to integrate innovations in IT tech and software. The company serves enterprise clients in the healthcare, utility, manufacturing and retail sectors.


IMO Health is a B2B healthcare company that makes tools for clinical terminology management. It serves client organizations who need to make sure all team members are using the same language in coding, billing and clinical interactions, which can be a huge undertaking for large hospitals and medical practices. IMO’s software meets this need by cohering the language used by doctors, billers, coders and other clinical and back-office staff.  


Forward Financing offers B2B financial services to small businesses. New, growing and sole-proprietor businesses often need capital to initiate and maintain their operations, which can be challenging considering the slow timelines of traditional lenders and the high-interest rates of most lines of credit. Forward Financing offers its clients a fully digital lending process that gets money in their hands quickly and on reasonable terms. 


Yext is a B2B provider of digital presence management. On its platform, client brands — particularly multi-location brands — can get a full view of their digital presence, which allows them to consistently brand all such assets. The platform brings together everything that a brand has online, from all channels, including listings, reviews, content, analytics, chat and social, and uses AI to provide cross-channel insights. 


Axio makes a cyber risk platform for B2B clients, where they can quantify, model and manage their risk exposure across a range of metrics. The platform, known as Axio360, can put a precise dollar amount on a specific instance of risk, which allows clients to invest appropriately in cybersecurity and budget for the exposure they choose to take on. 


SpotMe operates a virtual event platform for B2B lectures, seminars and conferences. It’s used by event planners and companies to facilitate hosting and logistics for these large destination happenings, where event experience needs include participant registration, digital content delivery and live streaming. The SpotMe app initiates engagement prior to a scheduled event and provides customized agendas for presenters and participants.


Digital marketing company Terakeet provides owned asset optimization, or OAO, services to large corporate interests. OAO involves examining brand assets like whitepapers, client databases, blog content and social media accounts, analyzing them for potential use and then leveraging them for ROI. By optimizing the use of these existing assets, the company helps its customers essentially generate revenue without creating new content, while simultaneously unifying all brand assets so that they are coherent and recognizable to consumers. 


Software design and development company 8th Light develops aesthetics-forward custom digital assets and software products, like mobile apps and software architectures, for B2B clients. The company emphasizes the creative aspect of its work and employs a team made of software developers, designers, crafters and technologists. 


IDeaS makes revenue management for the hospitality industry and adjacent service industries like parking. It offers intricate analyses of the movement of money into and within companies that operate boutique, economy, extended stay, full-service and resort hotels, each of which have their own unique processes and needs. IDeaS uses revenue science, machine learning and AI to turn data into actionable processes and financial insights that are most impactful to its clients. 


Prosodica makes software that analyzes subtle elements of voice and speech in communications. Using a combination of AI and acoustics technology to look at aspects like tone, pace, pauses and response time, its products can generate insights that are relevant to customer experiences, employee engagement and user satisfaction. Client companies can deploy the software to analyze 100 percent of their customer interactions, thus generating a 360-degree view of customer experience.  


Lob is a marketing company that offers direct mail services that access customers offline. On its digital platform, clients can design, schedule and automate direct mail campaigns, which are printed through the Lob Print Delivery Network and then mailed out directly, with printing and postal fees paid through the platform.  


Digital health company Artera operates a platform that integrates with healthcare organizations’ tech stacks, electronic health records and third-party vendors. Its solution helps providers consolidate, simplify and orchestrate digital communications. Artera enables providers to reach patients across channels including text, email or interactive voice response in over 100 languages. 


Hotel Engine is a travel technology provider that aims to simplify business lodging. The company offers hotel booking solutions and enables clients to book and manage their stays. Hotel Engine also enables savings of up to 60 percent at more than 700,000 properties across the globe.


Bringg works to simplify delivery management for more than 800 enterprise customers worldwide. Its solution covers the entire delivery process, from logistics systems technology to coordinating parcel handoffs to end customers. The company’s tools enable businesses to manage multiple fleets and inventories and notify drivers of urgent deliveries.


Customer.io is a B2B marketing tech company that offers strategic messaging copy for email campaigns, automated emails, push notifications and in-app messages. It provides a blank template for messaging, which clients populate with their own voice-branded copy. Features include audience segmentation and third-party integration with other martech and communications products. 


HUMAN is a cybersecurity company that specializes in proactive protection and defense against a specific type of digital threat: bot attacks. The company’s name is a nod to its mission of “verifying the humanity of every online interaction,” and it works with clients to make their virtual walls impenetrable to these sophisticated threats. 

More to ExploreTop B2B SaaS Companies to Know


Route is a merchandise tracking company. Its e-commerce clients rely on Route’s nuanced predictive tracking to ensure the safe and timely arrival of in-transit consumer goods. The level of accountability the service brings can allow independent merchants to ship and insure their products without selling through large digital marketplaces. 


SeatGeek is a mobile ticketing company that serves as both a secondary ticket sales aggregator and a ticket retailer. It uses machine learning algorithms to provide nuanced services like dynamic pricing, and parters with major venues, sports teams and cultural sites. The company offers 24/7 client services to support technology utilization and customer success. 


TrueML makes fintech software for digital communications in the debt collection space. By combining data science, machine learning and customer experience, it facilitates debt collection and recovery services that aim to be both effective and humane. TrueML algorithms work in a similar manner to marketing algorithms, dialing in messaging content, timing and channels to reach consumers when and where they are most receptive and available. 


Jellyfish operates a novel engineering management platform that software engineers use to help align their technical choices with business objectives. By removing the silos around tech and business within enterprise companies, Jellyfish gives engineers the opportunity to cohere their work with high-level in-house goals while integrating financial and business needs into the software development lifecycle. 


SimplePractice makes electronic health records software that maintains digital patient medical histories on behalf of private-practice health and wellness providers. Through its HIPAA-compliant platform, providers can communicate with patients, conduct telehealth sessions, manage appointment calendars, bill clients and process payments. Used by therapists, dietitians, social workers, health coaches and others, the platform is built to support single-provider practices by handling admin in a single dedicated space. 


Commercetools makes tech for e-commerce businesses, including a portfolio of tools that businesses use for sales transactions and digital storefront products for B2B, B2C and DTC clients. The company builds its software as headless commerce, which allows the customer-facing elements to operate independently from the back-end data layer that houses operations functions.

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Location: Helsinki, Finland

Smartly specializes in technology that supports automated, data-driven advertising processes. From dynamic creative optimization for personalizing ads across channels to real-time measurement of campaign performance, the Smartly platform offers a suite of end-to-end solutions that brands like Under Armour, Ralph Lauren, Uber Eats and T-Mobile use to enhance their ad campaigns.


Location: Corona del Mar, California

Healthtech company Tebra builds software that empowers thousands of medical practices to streamline their business operations and deliver a quality patient experience. In the area of practice growth, for example, Tebra’s technology allows practices to optimize their websites so they make it to the top of search results and launch custom email marketing campaigns.


Location: San Francisco, California

Sanity’s cloud platform is designed to support content creators with a user-friendly, customizable workspace and real-time collaboration tools. Its features include localization capabilities that allow users to offer a quality digital experience for customers across different locations as well as AI-powered task automations and support for content generation.


Location: Rockford, Illinois

Cleo’s integration platform helps companies improve business outcomes by providing end-to-end visibility into their operations. Through a bevy of integrations, the platform provides rapid error resolutions, business insights and partner onboarding, among other services. All in all, Cleo empowers companies to streamline their operations and improve partner relationships.  


Location: Denver, Colorado

Cin7 helps retailers and wholesalers create operational efficiencies. Its Connected Inventory Performance 101 product provides visibility into a company’s inventory and tracks its lifecycle to deliver actionable insights. According to Cin7, its B2B platform helps clients sell more products and scale their supply chains. 


Location: San Francisco, California

Benchling’s platform uses big data as part of its pharmaceutical research and development. The company provides sample tracking, experiment management, lab notebooks and data processing. According to Benchling, its B2B platform helps accelerate scientific research and pharmaceutical breakthroughs.


Location: San Francisco, California

HoneyBook makes a business management platform for sole proprietor small businesses. Handling everything from invoices and contracts to communication and payments, the HoneyBook tools allow solopreneurs to focus on what they do, while trusting administrative and business management processes to the HoneyBook workflows and automations.


Location: Fully Remote

InspiringApps is an app development company building custom digital products for client businesses. Its expertise covers everything from responsive web design and product strategy to virtual reality and wearables. InspiringApps’ work has included a fintech app to securely facilitate real estate transactions and a reproductive health app that connects to physical devices so that users can keep track of important data.

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Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

FareHarbor makes a business management platform for companies that operate events, tours, rentals and other ticket-based experiences. It works with client companies to drive growth by migrating their business processes online. From the FareHarbor dashboard, clients can track and allocate space, equipment and staff, receive real-time booking analytics and perform operations that are specific to events and activities providers.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

OneView Commerce provides retailers with a cloud-native point-of-sale system that covers both in-store and digital shopping experiences. The company offers headless technology that’s adaptable to users’ specific needs, extending to self-checkout, mobile checkout or ship-from-store options. The OneView SaaS offerings include inventory and order management as well as pickup and delivery solutions.


Location: New York, New York

Transfix serves businesses in the logistics and freight transportation industries. It provides tech for both shippers and carriers that’s designed to help them manage their operations and keep the supply chain moving at a steady pace. The company says its solutions give its customers access to software tools, data insights and expertise that help them operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Medtrans Go is a B2B healthcare technology company that provides software platforms for hospitals, non-emergency medical transportation, home health care, medical delivery and doctor’s offices. By facilitating transportation for patients to get to health care appointments, the company says its solutions reduce the number of costly cancellations while improving patient care outcomes.


Location: Santa Monica, California

Edify builds technology to help contact centers improve the customer experience. Its contact center software includes elements like real-time transcription and translation, timely feedback to help agents improve their performance and data visualizations to illustrate team performance. The company also uses artificial intelligence to enable a self-service tool that lets customers access the assistance they need, even when a live agent isn’t available.


Location: Denver, Colorado

zLinq is a telecom strategy company that helps businesses with multiple locations sync up and optimize their voice and data communications across sites. It consolidates all the various vendors and tech that it takes to run a company, from networking, phone systems and call centers to Slack, G Suite and Teams. It boasts an average of 30 percent time savings and 15 percent cost reduction in client companies across industries.

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Location: New York, New York

Datadog operates a platform for engineers that integrates apps, systems and services into one centralized location, providing metrics and capabilities that give teams full visibility over their operations. Troubleshooting, monitoring and optimization solutions come ready to use in the Datadog platform, with end-to-end request tracing, auto-generated service overviews and more tools available to streamline processes and make teams more productive.


Location: New York, New York

RocketReach provides business and contact information often used by sales, recruiting and marketing teams. Through the company’s suite, users can receive complete contact profiles by performing an advanced search, which can be filtered, saved for feature viewing and curated into contact lists. Additionally, the suite has extensions for Google Chrome and Edge. Businesses can also request bulk searching for a different rate.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Logic Manager makes enterprise risk management software that allows businesses to stay on top of governance, compliance and more. Customers of Logic Manager get paired with risk management consultants who provide personalized training sessions and offer best practice guidance. So whether the issue is with audit management or financial controls or anything else risk management related, the goal for Logic Manager is to “protect and optimize” your business.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Paperless Parts’ software platform is designed to help speed up the quoting process for manufacturing businesses. Job shops, contract manufacturers and rapid prototyping outfits — basically, anyone who works with things like sheet metal, additive manufacturing and machining — rely on Paperless Parts to create consistent and accurate quotes and streamline administrative processes.


Location: San Francisco, California

Recurly’s subscription and billing platform helps businesses set up and manage their subscription-based products. The software — whose customers range from B2B SaaS companies to content streaming platforms — has solutions for subscriber management, plans and add ons, payment orchestration, churn management, revenue recognition and more.


Location: Fully Remote

Vendavo makes price management software for B2B organizations. Primarily used by manufacturers and distributors in industries ranging from automotive to heavy equipment to packaging to high tech, Vendavo allows for pricing strategy and sales optimization decisions to be made in a data-forward fashion.


Location: Fully Remote

Muck Rack develops public relations software that PR pros use to monitor the news, set up social alerts for keywords and identify the right journalists to pitch. Plus, Muck Rack allows you to create reports, so you can easily measure the impact of your outreach efforts and the earned media you generate.


Location: Fully Remote

Roofr is a SaaS company and, more specifically, a “sales toolbox” for professional roofers. Thanks to satellite imagery technology, its software can provide roofing estimates within seconds. It also gives users the ability to submit custom roofing proposals and calculate measurement reports with manual drawings or through a requested report.


Location: Fully Remote

Poggio Labs develops customer data applications that solve data challenges with the go-to-market model. The company created a new approach to data-first application architecture that will help empower businesses and harness intelligent customer relationships. The application architecture also sustains a scheme-driven front end, allowing businesses to manage data and tools without hesitation.



Location: Venice, California

MagicLinks is a marketplace for influencers and brands to connect. The platform also gives influencers and creators the ability to post content and share products that fans can purchase. Brands can view sale conversions and target specific audiences through the platform.


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Syncron helps manufacturers evolve with the service economy through its suite of SaaS solutions. The company’s platform, the Syncron CSX Cloud, occupies various products for manufacturers to choose from. These products include equipment uptime, service part inventory, warranty, contract pricing and more. The CSX Cloud reaches solutions for every sector of the service economy, including the supply chain and service fulfillment market.


Location: Fully Remote

Octopus Deploy automates deployments and operations runbooks and allows configuration for environments and variables. With the platform, Octopus Deploy aims to untangle complex deployments by indicating bugs, displaying logs in a single central view and limiting access to production deployments.


Location: New York, New York

The spend-efficiency platform Order reimagines how businesses purchase supplies from vendors. With the platform, businesses can search for various products from different vendors in one centralized location through a custom catalog. The products are also added to one cart, making purchases more straightforward. Businesses can track orders across all vendors too. Order also sources similar products with lower price points to maximize savings.

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Location: San Francisco, California

Sprig is an all-in-one product research platform allowing for real-time feedback data. With the platform, businesses receive in-product surveys, concept testing and video interviews. There are also hundreds of templates so businesses can start receiving feedback faster. Sprig hopes to aid businesses in developing customer-centric products. Among its other functions, the platform can use the event-based target system and AI analysis to review data and target specific users.


Location: New York, New York

Templafy’s SaaS template management platform lets businesses create high-performing documents. It also integrates with content across any tech stack and automates business documents through modular designs. With the designs, businesses can tailor the automation process to fulfill their requirements. The platform has a library for business templates, an email signature manager, a font distributor, an engagement tracker, a validator and more.


Location: Austin, Texas

Skimmer’s software enables swimming pool professionals to streamline operations and ditch the pen and paper so commonly used throughout the industry. With the software, companies can track readings and dosages, optimize routes and view customer information whether offline or online. There are also features that aid with invoicing, shopping checklists and email communication.


Location: Fully Remote

Vetcove aids veterinarian personnel to reduce supply costs through vendor comparisons. The company also offers a free ordering tool to unify purchasing — users just add vendors to a suppliers list, compare prices and availability, and then buy the items directly through the platform. Customers have the ability to track orders, view order history, discover vendor insights and get free product samples.


Location: Austin, Texas

Through its facility and experience management marketplace, Worksmith connects commercial property owners with local service providers specializing in emergency maintenance, cleaning, garment and linen care and opening/closure services. Property owners just submit service needs and vendors are identified. The platform even completes negotiations for owners. Worksmith also facilitates invoices and billing and creates reporting analyzing monthly service spending.


Location: New York, New York

Catalyst Software supports businesses by unifying customer data and insights. The company is a customer success platform that harnesses customer data to aid businesses with positive customer experiences. With automated workflows, businesses in various industries can retain and upsell customers through centralized data applications. Catalyst Software also informs businesses when customers are engaging less and at risk for churn.


Location: San Francisco, California

Unitys provides real-time 3D creation capabilities that creators across industries can use to bring their visions to life. A range of products are available from the company to facilitate revolutions in gaming, film, manufacturing, construction and education, with tools included for AI-assisted workflow, augmented reality and error tracing.


Location: Somerville, Massachusetts

Formlabs was created by MIT alumni in 2011 and employs hundreds of engineers, designers and problem solvers dedicated to providing 3D printing capabilities to the industries that need them most. The company deals in 3D printers of various specs and offers several forms of composite material to customers, with scalable prototyping, production and repair services available as well.


Location: Centennial, Colorado

Arrow Electronics seeks to “develop technology solutions that improve business and daily life,” including electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. The company works with more than 220,000 technology manufacturers and service providers. NVIDIA, Panasonic and Honeywell are among the manufacturers Arrow has partnered with to connect customers with their products.


Location: Santa Clara, California

ServiceNow offers the Now Platform, a product portfolio filled with enterprise solutions that align IT, employee and customer workflows to drive business growth. Apps included in the platform offer flow design, mobile design, virtual agent, predictive intelligence and performance analytics capabilities along with the ability to design custom applications to solve unique business challenges.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Toast partners with restaurants of all sizes to help them build great teams, improve revenue and boost operations so customer experiences become more delightful. The all-in-one platform includes both software and hardware solutions for facilitating contactless pay, online ordering, email marketing and order and payment processing. The company also offers tools for keeping back-of-house operations and guest experiences running smoothly.


Location: Austin, Texas

BigCommerce delivers a platform to the e-commerce industry that helps organizations provide exceptional shopping experiences, manage inventory, keep track of selling data and grow their business efficiently. Used by companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Skullcandy, Woolrich and more, BigCommerce combines user-friendly tools and construction with powerful technology and analytics reporting so users can develop without fearing they’ll outgrow their website.

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Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

Dynatrace operates an all-in-one platform that uses AI and automation techniques to analyze complex cloud data and provide key insights about the performance of applications, infrastructure and user-experience optimizations. Tools for monitoring digital experiences across the board help unlock and streamline capabilities while using AWS, Azure, Google and Kubernetes.


Location: Los Angeles, California

ChowNow is focused on the success of its partner restaurants, operating an ordering platform that allows them to thrive and connect with new customers in a sustainable way. The commission-free platform provides restaurants with branded applications specifically designed for their shop, direct-website ordering services that avoid grouping restaurants with competitors, an interactive dashboard and customized marketing services.


Location: San Francisco, California

Upwork offers a talent acquisition solution for companies looking to scale their teams and find professionals ready to make an impact from day one. The company’s network of talent and agencies produce qualified candidates possessing a range of capabilities like development, design, writing, marketing and customer service skills, available to assist with projects on a long or short-term basis.


Location: Provo, Utah

Qualtrics helps organizations ensure that the quality of their customer, employee, product and overall brand experiences are constantly aligned and delivering meaning across each touchpoint. Several products are available from the company, including customer voicing, employee engagement, pricing research, surveying and brand tracking tools, putting a system of action into place that turns customers into brand loyalists.


Location: New York, New York

Justworks ensures that small businesses and emerging startups have access to the tools and benefits that large companies rely on to succeed. From HR and payroll tools to health, wellness, perks and workplace benefits, Justworks allows organizations to streamline their goals and focus on positioning for growth.


Location: Greenwood Village, Colorado

Pax8 simplifies the process of attaining cloud infrastructure and technology, helping partners buy, sell and manage cloud storage through an intuitive marketplace. Vendors on the platform are put through a more than 150-step process before launching on the marketplace to ensure partners have the most seamless experience possible. Automated provisioning, simplified billing and free PSA integrations make Pax8 an ideal solution.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Atlas is a direct employer of record (EOR) software that assists businesses with border and talent growth. The company’s platform facilitates a virtual HR space, a customizable dashboard for global strategy, manages employee records and operates payroll functions. Some of the industries Atlas works with are government institutions, life sciences and non-profits.


Location: Bellevue, Washington

Center produces spend management solutions to help businesses maximize profits and efficiency. The company offers two products: CenterCard and Center Expense. The CenterCard is a corporate credit card that businesses can issue for employees, adjust card limits and is used everywhere MasterCards are accepted. The Center Expense is an expense management platform that comes with the CenterCard or can be purchased separately. Spending approvals, automated audits and expense reporting are a few features within the platform.


Location: Austin, Texas

With over 20 years of experience, Digital Turbine is an independent mobile growth platform for advertisers, carriers and publishers. The company offers four products in its stack suite. Clients can discover content and track user acquisitions, engagement, operational efficiency and monetization.


Location: Broomfield, Colorado

simPRO provides cloud-based field service management software for people working in industries like electrical, plumbing, security and more. With over 20 years of experience, the company is focused on streamlining work and helping businesses grow through features like scheduling, fleet tracking and data automation.


Location: Fully Remote

Instil is a nonprofit company aiming to empower other nonprofits to solve the world’s problems. Through the platform, nonprofits can maximize their impact by building community relationships. Some of the platform features are a real-time activity feed, fundraising campaigns, volunteer tracking, board engagement and grant and funder management.


Location: Yardley, Pennsylvania

Ingage is a cloud-based presentation software that aids sales teams in closing deals. The platform is called the Ingage Suite and has team-sharing capabilities and stores content analytics to measure impact. The company also has a mobile app that helps manage content more conveniently.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Fusion Risk Management provides a cloud-based platform for risk management services, in addition to consulting and contingency planning services. The platform, titled Fusion Framework Systems, was built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform. The connection between the two platforms allows for more integrated data within organizations about detected risks, scenario rehearsals, risk insights and more.


Location: Fully Remote

Kunai is a digital sourcing platform specifically for fintech and healthtech organizations. The company focuses on technical staffing and assists in the vetting, interviewing and onboarding process for candidates. Kunai also strives to build the “dream team” and leverage API solutions for each client, so new products can develop faster. This team often includes developers, designers, product managers and project managers.


Location: Austin, Texas

Lansweeper is an IT asset management platform that helps businesses discover assets across their devices and networks. The Austin-based company can find user details, installed software, hardware specs and more — without installing new software. Once assets are found, the platform stores this data in various reports. The platform can also be integrated directly into technology stacks, allowing for seamless updates of IT inventory.


Location: Fully Remote

For over 25 years, Level Access has assisted organizations with digital accessibility. The company offers consulting services, accessibility training and software to improve accessibility on websites, mobile apps and other digital products. The software helps organizations track their accessibility developments while identifying any issues too.


Location: Fully Remote

Livestorm is a video engagement platform for businesses. The company offers end-to-end services for online meetings, webinars and other virtual events. Whether it is assisting with event registration, interactive polls or analyzing event insights, the platform is meant to help businesses save time. The enterprise subscription also allows for custom integrations, up to 3,000 attendees and multiple workspaces.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

LogRocket is a front-end monitoring solution for software teams. The company’s solution facilitates several features like session replays for each user, product analytics, error tracking and user experience analytics. These features will reduce guesswork, identify issues faster and search for the root cause to prevent further bugs. LogRocket ultimately hopes to help companies increase customer retention too.


Location: Fully Remote

The Lumos platform operates as an internal App Store for businesses. Through the platform, employees can request access — eliminating the need for IT tickets about access. The requests are integrated through Slack, making it simple to approve or deny access. The platform also tracks access and usage to determine which users should be terminated, cut spending on redundant SaaS and manage security concerns.


Location: New York, New York

Madison Logic helps brands identify potential consumer accounts and convert the accounts into buyers. The company uses proprietary data signals, multi-channel optimization and integrations to advertise to accounts at the right time. The platform, Journey Acceleration, also helps retain current accounts by analyzing long-term brand awareness and employing cross-selling campaigns.


Location: Fully Remote

MaestroQA assists businesses in improving customer service interactions with management software. The software helps management teams train employees, automate manual and repetitive tasks, identify training gaps and more. Managers can also monitor customer service agents to gain more insight into quality assurance practices.


Location: New York, New York

Bubble is a visual programming platform that empowers people to build their own apps. The platform requires zero coding and assists developers through the entire process. Developers can utilize Bubble to design prototypes, launch apps, make changes and gain traction through other integrated platforms. There is also a list of consultants and agencies for developers who may need extra aid.


Location: Fully Remote

Founded in 2016, FireHydrant is an incident management platform. By creating an automated response system, the company aims to help developers concentrate on solutions. FireHydrant’s platform follows an incident’s entire lifecycle, from assigning team members to receiving feedback, which allows businesses to manufacture dependable software. Businesses can also integrate other platforms for improving incident communication and resolutions.


Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

CompanyCam is a photo-based app designed for contractors to communicate easier. Within the app, contractors can organize photos by project, locate job site details, track and collaborate with team members and share work on social media or a website. The app also connects with proposal tools, data software and CRM/FSM platforms.


Location: Denver, Colorado

Contentful is a digital platform that enables businesses to manage digital experiences across various networks. The Composite Content Platform operates content from multiple sources and publishes it to a digital network. Additionally, the platform can connect content models through component matching, manage reusable content and reduce manual entries.


Location: Bourne, Massachusetts

Since 1986, Convention Data Services has supported event cycles for businesses in the live events industry. The company offers a platform that can manage audience outreach, register attendees, interact with attendees and more. Data and analytics are reported to assist in strategic business solutions too.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Crafty helps businesses organize food, beverages and supplies for employees through services and technology. Whether businesses are looking to manage their in-house cafes, snack boxes or catering, Crafty offers a platform that centralizes business needs. The platform can track inventory, build reports and budgets, distribute tasks, search for products and receive employee requests.


Location: Fully Remote

Growing a credit repair business has become simpler with Credit Repair Cloud. The company offers cloud-based software to aid the credit industry with sales management, customer outreach, online agreements and more. Credit Repair Cloud also provides resources and training for current and aspiring business owners.


Location: San Francisco, California

Miro offers a collaborative, online whiteboard platform where product managers, project managers, developers and team members across the board can brainstorm and visualize ideas while setting a clear path for work. Used by organizations like Dell, ADP, Liberty Mutual and Deloitte, Miro’s infinite canvas sizes and asynchronous collaboration features bring exceptional capabilities to teams whether they are co-located, distributed or fully remote.


Location: New York, New York

LeafLink is a wholesale ordering platform for the cannabis industry, operating as the largest B2B marketplace for connecting licensed cannabis brands with retailers across the country. Easy-to-use dashboards and streamlined messaging features simplify the order tracking process and allow authentic connections to form throughout the supply chain, leading to scalable success in the emerging industry.


Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Monday.com helps teams more effectively work together to create exceptional products, fostering a culture of transparency and empowerment. Users can create multiple boards for tracking progress across organizations, with customizable integrations available as well so teams can utilize Monday.com in ways that are most impactful for them.


Location: Woodland Hills, California

BlackLine helps organizations move away from unsustainable accounting processes and embrace modern software that unifies data and processes. Tools for automating manual processes, centralizing month-end closing, unifying intercompany accounting and ensuring accuracy in balance sheets are all included within the BlackLine platform. The company has worked with clients like Coca-Cola, SiriusXM, Zendesk and Western Union to streamline processes and eliminate accounting errors.


Location: Austin, Texas

M-Files is a document management platform helping businesses avoid missing documents and data. The platform is metadata-driven, meaning it uses context tools to automate business rules, editing rights and data relationships among other documents. The company offers three tiers for businesses to subscribe to and other add-ons like electronic signatures and the M-Files Hubshare.


Location: Fully Remote

Motive brings a fleet management platform that fundamentally improves freight transportation. Solutions from Motive improve driver safety and provide GPS tracking, electronic logging device compliance, dispatching, workflow and maintenance capabilities through tools like AI-powered smart dashcams, International Fuel Tax Association reporting and more.


Location: Fully Remote

The SaaS startup ComplYant helps small businesses manage their tax obligations. From tracking deadlines, budgeting and monitoring multiple businesses, the digital tax assistant helps simple tax experiences and educates small business owners on business taxes. These business taxes include sales tax, property tax and more.


Location: San Francisco, California

Salesforce’s cloud-based software has uses for a variety of industries, including education, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and retail. The company’s Customer 360 gives customer’s access to a full suite of Salesforce products that help to foster customer relationships and unify the information useful to sales, service, marketing, commerce and IT teams.


Location: Dallas, Texas

AECOM is an infrastructure consulting firm, with services including architecture and design, construction management, IT and cybersecurity, engineering and program management. Its projects have included collaboration on Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, and terminal updates at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.


Location: San Jose, California

Cisco’s networking services have several applications for businesses, including supporting a hybrid workplace and ensuring protecting manufacturing operations from cybersecurity threats. AT&T, PUMA and Match have been Cisco customers.


Location: Memphis, Tennessee

FedEx Compatible connects businesses with software solutions for aspects of their operations like warehouse or transportation management that can be integrated with FedEx services. There’s also the FedEx Developer Portal providing APIs to help businesses integrate FedEx services like producing shipping labels and tracking packages into their existing software systems.


Location: Evanston, Illinois

CraftJack allows home service businesses to connect with homeowners. Contractors can create a profile on the website and pay for leads, or service requests, within their service area. The homeowners can see a maximum of four bids per request and, ultimately, choose the contractor who best suits their needs.


Location: Redmond, Washington

Microsoft’s offerings for businesses include cloud and security services. The company also provides tools, products and training for small businesses, such as developer resources. Netflix, American Airlines, P&G and CarMax have been among Microsoft’s many customers.

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Location: San Francisco, California

Slack describes itself as a “collaboration hub,” providing customers with a platform for messaging that can also help businesses automate elements of their workflow and is able to integrate with applications like Google Drive and Office 365. It’s been used by organizations like airbnb, NASA, Uber and Target.


Location: Fully remote

Drata is a platform that lets companies automate the process of achieving and maintaining SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR and CCPA compliance. Companies can build trust with their customers by using Drata’s Trust Center capability to display real-time security and compliance information online. The Drata platform comes with more than 75 integrations for popular tools like Amazon Web Services, Okta and Slack.


Location: Waltham, MA

Allego delivers sales training and development across a variety of industries, including financial services, technology, and healthcare and life services. The company’s main focus is to drive engagement among remote and mobile teams to enhance productivity and collaboration. With the sustainability of virtual learning, Allego offers several courses like Content Management and Conversation Intelligence.



































Location: Burbank, California

Dubsado is an online business management platform for small business owners. The company offers a suite of management tools like online invoices, customizable form templates, a built-in scheduler and interactive client portals. The type of owners who use Dubsado includes hair stylists, photographers, marketers and more.


Location: New York City, New York

Waldo is a no-code testing platform for mobile apps. The company permits app developers to create automated mobile tests to improve product release cycles. While running the test, developers can view live inspections, detect test flakiness, identify problems and integrate the product to work communication platforms like Slack. Rocket Money, Keepsafe and AllTrails are some of Waldo’s clients.


Location: Denver, Colorado

Xyleme is an all-in-one solution for enterprise content management. The company operates a suite of products that aid in the creation, distribution, management and syndication of various content types. From operational training to skills certifications, the products ensure compliance and employee optimization. Teams can also use the platform to collaborate on content creation or target specific audiences at the right time.


Location: Westminster, Colorado

TaskRay is a customer onboarding solution that operates in Salesforce. As a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, the software was designed to help fulfill sales promises and streamline tasks. These tasks may include allocating resources, creating repeatable processes, initiating customer and team collaboration or monitoring sales and post-sales progress.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

The operating system Dispatch works to enhance relations between customer-centric enterprises, their customers and service providers. The company offers engagement solutions and a team to assist service providers, ultimately improving customer experiences. Whether it’s the manufacturer or home logistic industries, Dispatch provides an interface for promoting engagement, client retention and more.


Location: New York, New York

MongoDB is a cloud-based document database for application developers, allowing users to store data in JSON-like documents to significantly improve productivity. Used by developers at organizations like eBay, Adobe, Google and SEGA, MongoDB features a rich and expressive query language along with automation, global clustering, backup, monitoring and serverless triggering capabilities.


Location: Santa Monica, California

Edify is working to improve customer service experiences by rethinking the technology in call centers. Its cloud-native software can reduce average handle time and increase first-call resolutions globally. The company says that since its software is active on multiple public clouds across dozens of data centers, its service will not experience interruptions.


Location: San Francisco, California

Docusign makes it simpler for organizations across industries to create and distribute contracts and other legal documents to employees, vendors and partners. The platform includes secure e-signing capabilities and AI-powered agreement analytics tools, giving users insight into legal concepts included in documents and how they benefit from them over time.


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