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An Extension of G2 aChat and Part of the G2 Secure and Communicator Product Offerings

TOCCOA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / February 28, 2023 / Galaxy Next Generation, Inc. (OTCQB:GAXY) (“Galaxy” or the “Company), a provider of interactive learning technology solutions and school communication platforms, is pleased to announce the availability of G2 Activator, a mobile application with the full functionality of a traditional intercom console.

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Gary LeCroy, Galaxy’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “G2 Activator complements and integrates well with our G2 Secure and Communicator offerings and meets the requirements for many State’s school security laws, including Alyssa’s Law. It enables a user to send an alert, announcement, make an intercom call, or chat with first responders all from one application right on their cell phone. This application gives school officials the flexibility to make announcements or call a classroom from anywhere as long as they have access to their mobile phone. It also gives any school team member the flexibility to initiate a lock down in an emergency situation from anywhere at any time.”

The expansion of the aChat application into a fully functioning intercom app, enables our customers to become even more flexible and nibble in their daily communications and most importantly during a crisis. Traditional systems require an initial lockdown alert or message to be sent using one main intercom console normally located in the front office, causing additional time to be wasted getting the message out increasing security issues during an emergency. G2 Activator allows for the initiation of the lockdown to happen from anywhere by any employee with credentials within the G2 Communicator ecosystem.


  • G2 Visual Alerts – This feature allows a visual message to be sent to Windows, Mac, Chromebook, ISO, and Android endpoints.
    • The message will appear atop of all other open windows
    • The message will stay open as long as desired
    • The massage may be stopped and started as often as desired
    • The endpoints may be grouped in zone just as the audio endpoints.
  • Active Chat, (aChat) – This feature activates with an alert allowing all system user to chat in real-time with one another. During a crisis this is invaluable.
  • G2 Activator – This application installs on your cell phone and allows the following (based on user type):
    • Activation of any Announcement
    • Activation of any Alert
    • Participation in a-Chat
    • Paging
    • Intercom Calling
    • Page to a specific zone
    • Call any device on the system via Intercom List
    • Direct dial any device on the system
    • Page to a specific zone

About Galaxy Next Generation, Inc.

Galaxy Next Generation (OTCQB:GAXY) is a provider of interactive learning technology solutions that allows the presenter and participant to engage in a fully collaborative instructional environment. Galaxy’s products include Galaxy’s own private-label interactive touch screen panel as well as numerous other national and international branded peripheral and communication devices. Galaxy’s distribution channel consists of 22+ resellers across the U.S. who primarily sell the Company’s products within the commercial and educational market. Galaxy does not control where resellers focus their resell efforts, although generally, the K-12 education market is the largest customer base for Galaxy products – comprising nearly 90% of Galaxy’s sales.

For additional information, please visit our website at: www.galaxynext.us

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