8 Great Back-to-School Gifts for Your Teacher


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Teachers have one of the hardest — and important — jobs in the world. And if you’re lucky, some of your teachers, and their lessons, will stick with you for your whole life. For me, it was Mr. Staples and Mrs. Goldsworthy. Teachers like these should be recognized and celebrated but often aren’t. Show how much you appreciate your favorite teacher by giving them a “welcome back” teacher gift when you go back to school. A teacher appreciation gift doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to show you care.

We’ve put together a list of the best teacher gifts you can give your teacher either individually or as a whole class. Some of these teacher appreciation gifts are simple things to make their days at school easier or more fun, and others are to let them enjoy their time off away from the chaos. Talk to your parents and classmates to see how you can be kind to your teacher when you go back to school.

Teacher gifts for school time

Your teacher spends most of their waking time thinking about how they can do a good job in the classroom. These great gifts will not only help them succeed but will make them happy, too.

Clever Fox

Your teacher needs to know exactly what they are doing every day of the week, but it can be hard to keep track. This planner has room for daily activities but doesn’t have specific dates. This lets your child’s teacher match the workflow to the school year, rather than missing big chunks of the planner over vacations.

It has a lot of useful tools inside to help organize everything, too. In fact, you should probably pick up one for yourself, to help you with organizing schoolwork.

Hydro Flask

It’s true what they say; hydration is key to an active mind. Your teacher needs to stay sharp all day, and the best way to do that is to drink plenty of water.

A good Hydro Flask will keep your teacher’s drink nice and cool for hours and the bright colors will look awesome on your teacher’s desk.


According to the National Education Association, teachers spend around $460 of their own money to purchase school supplies and fun things for kids to do in their class. A Visa gift card — one that can be used anywhere — is just the thing to help your favorite teacher buy supplies without having to dip into their own funds.


This is a little more expensive than most of the other gifts, but I think if the whole class got together they could make this purchase. A Cricut Joy is a tiny little vinyl cutter that would allow your teacher to make fun decals for class projects, stickers for a job well done, and many other awesome projects. 

Jack and Rose

While writing this article I asked several of my teacher friends what their favorite gifts would be, and a surprising number of them said an oil diffuser. Most of them said they wanted it because it creates a nice environment to work in — one even adds eucalyptus to help kids breathe easier during the sniffles season — but several others also mentioned that teenagers can get a trifle pungent in the warm air of school.

Remember, the gift you give your teacher could also be coming to school smelling clean. And that gift is free!

Teacher gifts for personal time

Giving your teacher a gift they can use at school is great, but giving them something that they can use at home is a nice thing to do as well. Your teacher works hard, and a thoughtful gift to help them unwind will be highly appreciated.


After a long day of looking after you and your friends, all your tired teacher wants to do is relax. Help them do that with a super comfy, open-weave throw blanket. It’s a wonderfully warm comforter they’ll appreciate using when they are grading your papers, or making sure you have something cool to do the next day.

Peach & Lilly

Face masks are a classic way to destress and revitalize. Pick up some of these for your teacher and see the smile on their face, especially after they’ve used them.

Cocoa bombs

To finish off the relaxing theme of these gifts, get your teacher some delicious sweet treats. These cocoa balls melt into hot milk to give a luxurious taste and there are six of them so they can have one on nights when the day’s teaching has been tough.

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