Agri-Food Pavilion will help northern Ontario business


FedNor funds will enable the Northern Ontario Agri-Food Pavilion, which allows close to 50 regional businesses to attend the 2024 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Northern Ontario businesses got Federal government help this week to participate in the world’s largest indoor agri-food exhibition.

MP Marc Serré announced FedNor will spend $716,800 to help operate the Northern Ontario Agri-Food Pavilion at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (the Royal) .

The funding will allow Economic Partners Sudbury East/West Nipissing Inc. (EPSEWN) to host close to 50 Northern Ontario agri-food and services businesses at the annual global event. 

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The Northern Ontario Agri-Food Pavilion, which has been a premier attraction at the Royal for over two decades, has grown in size and scope reaching an impressive 7,100 square feet. Since 2015, the FedNor-funded pavilion has featured close to 400 businesses and organizations from across Northern Ontario.

“As a result of their participation in the Pavilion, exhibitors experience many benefits including increased sales, new customers, growth opportunities, and new partnerships and collaborations,” says a release. “This strategic initiative will help strengthen and grow Northern Ontario businesses while enabling them to expand outside of the region. This year’s Pavilion is expected to showcase 45+ Northern Ontario agri-food producers and service organizations at the 2024 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.”

“A wide range of incredible goods and services can be found across our region, and this FedNor investment will ensure that our agri-food sector receives a deserved spotlight on an international stag,” said Patty Hajdu, Minister Responsible for FedNor

“FedNor’s investment in the Northern Ontario Agri-Food Pavilion helps businesses in the north find new markets so they can continue to grow. Supporting the success of our agri-food businesses ensures that the great products we love remain available to us and that the rest of the world has an opportunity to discover some of the many treasures here in our region,” explained Serre.

The FedNor-supported Northern Ontario Agri-Food Pavilion has been a part of The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair since 2001 and has more than tripled in size and number of exhibitors.

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair began in 1922, making the indoor agricultural and equestrian event over 100 years old.


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