Could Dogelon Mars And Vita Inu Rival, Dogeliens, Invade The Meme Coin Market?


After Elon Musk’s involvement in the meme coin sphere, the idea of space-themed meme currencies has quite literally taken off (no pun intended).

From cute and innocent Shiba Inu pups, meme coins have evolved into intergalactic aliens and space explorers, aiming to bring their much-needed celestial wisdom to the human race. And who could blame them? We need their help.

The dog-alien-meme-coin-things Dogelon Mars (ELON) and Vita Inu (VINU) have been traversing the cosmos for quite some time now. They’ve gifted humans with knowledge, money, and entertainment. However, as they settle in their leading meme coin market spaceships, a new opponent appears on their scanners: Dogeliens (DOGET).

Dogelon Mars Satisfies Elon Musk’s Mars Colonisation Vision

Dogelon Mars, is about a Shiba Inu dog who lives out Musk’s vision to colonise Mars.

Perhaps the biggest fan meme currency of Elon Musk, Dogelon Mars, is about a Shiba Inu dog who lives out Musk’s vision to colonise Mars. Initially, many feared Dogelon Mars to be another rug-pull scam after its dramatic spike upon public release. But, the currency has continued functioning for a while now (albeit with a lot of turbulence).

Dogelon Mars has a strong community with over 500 thousand Twitter followers despite not having much real-world utility. This is primarily done through its unique and ongoing comic series, which believe it or not, is also based on Mars.

Vita Inu Is Living Through The Bear Market As If Nothing Was Happening

Only released to the market back in the early months of 2022, Vita Inu (VINU) has not seen any dramatic falls (in comparison to other meme currencies) since. Being one of the few rare cryptocurrencies to be doing reasonably okay right now, Vita Inu appears to have a strong foothold.

Vita Inu is developing a VR world known as‘The Vinerverse’where players can explore the space, use the VinuSwapp Dapp, participate in NFTs, staking, rewards, events and much more.However, only time will tell whether this pup will succeed in the bear market and continue to dominate the galaxy.

Dogeliens- A Dog Alien Ready To Invade The Crypto Market

Dogeliens will be a positive community that will have a democratic voting system alongside a charity wallet.

Although invasions, especially alien invasions, are probably associated with feelings of panic and fear, Dogeliens has a different kind of invasion in mind.

A species of half-dog, half-alien beings with a goofy aesthetic are about to descend upon the crypto market and metaverse. And when they do, instead of bringing chaos and destruction, these weird pups will share education and play-to-earn games with us.

Dogeliens will be a positive community that will have a democratic voting system alongside a charity wallet. Holders of DOGET will be allowed to not only donate to charity through the 3% charity tax on all transactions but also can vote on which charity will receive weekly DOGET donations.

And unlike the other species of dog aliens, Vita Inu (VITA) and Dogelon Mars (ELON), Dogelien brings more gifts to the human race: a free university (creatively named the University of Barkington) that provides learn-to-earn opportunities, a merch store, and play-to-earn games. This all generates a fully fleshed meme coin with a lot to offer.

So, could Dogeliens invade the meme coin market in 2023? Without a doubt.

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