Farzad Varahramyan Shares Predator Face, Mask, Weaponry, Shield and Armor Concept Art


Long-time Alien and Predator concept artist Farzad Varahramyan, who worked on both Alien vs. Predator films with studioADI, has now uploaded even more concept artwork from his time working on Prey. The new artwork includes the various designs explored for Feral Predator’s face, mask and armor, the shield and the new weaponry introduced in the film.

We previously shared Farzad’s first piece below in an earlier post, but he has since shared further examples of the earlier explorations of the Feral Predator’s general appearance and the armour that would be used in the film.

Following these designs, it appears that production settled on the general appearance of Feral’s unmasked face where Farzad stated to work on further armor designs on top of Michael V. Eppinette’s artwork for Feral.

Farzad also uploaded a number of designs that explored Feral’s bone mask, all experimenting with the illumination angle that while built into the practical mask used during filming, was not utilized in the end.

Prey also sees the cinematic introduction of a speargun – it was actually known as the boltgun during production. Farzad shared some vastly different earlier iterations of the new projectile weapon.

A new piece of equipment known as the cut-clamp was also introduced in Prey. Farzad also shared some very different earlier iterations on the Predator’s new throwing weapon.


And finally Farzad also shared some artwork exploring the alternate take on Predator equipment we’d seen before such as the spear, the netgun, the medpack and one of the medical tools from inside it.

Talking about his time on Prey on an update on his ArtStation page, Farzad stated that:

I had the pleasure to work on director Dan Trachtenberg’s PREY, the latest installment in the PREDATOR universe. AND once again I had the privilege to work with and supervised by my mentors and creature creation masters Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. of Studio ADI. Because of Tom and Alec this was the 4th time I got to work on a Predator design. These projects are very collaborative so my design work was being integrated with designs by the very talented Michael V. Eppinette, Justin Fields and Justice Joseph.

Based on the design brief, I usually do a few quick concept sketches to help set some visual markers, specifically to help myself kind of see the whole character and get into the mindset of this new creature, even if the end design is not going to look like what I drew. The initial brief had a more “horror” direction to it.

I got to explore a new take on Predator armor. The concept was “what if small sections of armor were stitched or branded into their flesh”…. OUCH!

Because of my Industrial Design background, Tom and Alec also had me focus on figuring out a new set of weapons, med kit, and shield… but it also all had to look like it predated the more modern Predators we’ve seen so far.

It was a fantastic project, and I’m so thankful to have been brought in once more to contribute to this fantastic PREDATOR universe with such a talented team. Thank you Tom and Alec!

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