Galaxy S22 Ultra’s S Pen is your magical wand


Ever since the Galaxy S22 Ultra was announced, I was stoked as I can now relive the days of magnificence that I felt when I used a Note. Samsung didn’t stop innovating on the S Pen despite having a gap year for the Note.

Now with the Galaxy S22 Ultra as the spiritual successor of the Note series, I want to highlight some of the features that I personally love the most about the Bluetooth-connected S Pen. TBH, I’ve been calling this as the “magic wand” since the Galaxy Note 9.

When you first take out the S Pen from the Galaxy S22 Ultra, this message will pop out – informing you about the functions that can be done remotely.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen

However, when we get into specific apps that support the S Pen’s “magic wand” feature, this popup changes. For example, look at this popup menu when the camera app is opened

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S PenThis has got to be my personal favorite feature about the S Pen’s “magic wand” capability. Just take the S Pen and use it as a remote control for the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s magnificent cameras. Hold the button and start waving the S Pen around to control the zoom levels or to change to the selfie camera before taking the shot. You can do all of these functions without touching the phone!

Because of this feature, I always carry a tripod in my bag. In case I want to take a picture, I can just take out the tripod to prop up the phone, and use Expert RAW to fine-tune all the settings before taking the shot.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S PenBut of course – the S Pen is meant for writing and drawing as well – that is why it’s called the “S Pen”. With the new Galaxy S22 Ultra, the S Pen’s latency has been reduced down to only 2.8ms! To put things into perspective – that means the S Pen is pretty much instantaneous while drawing.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen

The go-to writing app, Samsung Notes, also got an update. It now supports writing-to-texts across a multitude of different languages. I tried this one Chinese before (I don’t know how to write Chinese btw) and it still manages to detect my ugly writings correctly.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review

I gotta admit – the S Pen is something that I only use ocassionally but whenever I needed to write something, I always say to myself – “wow, this is so convenient” – because it is.

Crucial moments like when I need to whip out an equation, calculate some trigonometry stuff (this happened recently) or draw some diagrams – the S Pen is just so convenient.

Plus, with the ability to export the Samsung Notes writings or drawings into PDF to share across to other people, the Galaxy S22 Ultra also transforms into a tool that can assist in education too.

We did a video a year ago detailing how to use your Galaxy device to teach online classes more effectively. Watch it here.

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