Married At First Sight UK star responds to cheating accusation


Married At First Sight UK star Matt Murray has responded to the accusations that he and his co-star Whitney Hughes cheated on their respective TV spouses, Gemma Rose and Duka Cavolli.

On Tuesday (September 20) The Daily Mail reported that Matt and Whitney spent the night together on a couples’ retreat while their partners were under the same roof.

They also reported that the scenes are yet to air on E4, but the revelation will see Gemma “break down in tears.”

gemma and matt, married at first sight uk

Channel 4

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Matt has now taken to social media to deny the media outlet’s claims, telling his followers on his Instagram story: “Oh the Daily Mail loves a bloody buzzword, doesn’t it. Just to set the record straight there was no cheating, there was no betrayal, me and Gemma had not been together for seven days and we’d been apart more than we’d ever been together.”

The reality star added that he was told to stay on the show until the next commitment ceremony despite wanting to leave before the alleged cheating happened.

Gemma, Whitney and Duka are yet to comment on the issue.

matt, married at first sight uk

Channel 4

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Matt took to his Instagram story again today following last night’s episode (September 21), in which he and Gemma decided to give their relationship another chance despite it breaking down and Matt’s concerns over Gemma’s sexual comments.

Matt told followers that he didn’t intend for anyone to “get hurt” when going on the show, but explains that the way situations are edited make them seem more “dramatic” than they really are.

“Starting this process I didn’t want anyone to get hurt,” he said. “There was no intention for anybody to end up upset. It’s just not me as a person. I do think that the edits are adding longer pauses to things and making things seem very, very dramatic.

“But that’s TV. It’s a TV show at the end of the day, guys. It’s there for your entertainment.”

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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