One Quote From Each Character That Goes Against Their Personality


All eyes turn to Commander Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane) and his rag-tag crew aboard the titular space vessel of The Orville. At last blush, Mercer tried to make a peace treaty with the Krill while Kelly Grayson (Adrianne Palicki) made a controversial decision that could affect the lives of the entire crew moving forward.

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While the crew aboard The Orville feature distinct personalities, many are often divided between the ultra-serious and supremely capricious, making for a hilarious tug-of-war between the adept and inept as they fight for intergalactic harmony. Of course, no one is immune from going against their nature from time to time.


Ed Mercer

“The Universe Is Not Governed By Individual Perception. It Matters What’s True.”

Ed stands by the staircase in The Orville

At its core, The Orville‘s humorous conceit is built around the leadership of mediocre fleet captain, Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane). While Mercer is moral and dedicated to the job as can be, he’s neither a paragon of virtue nor a highly-intelligent commander. Hence the humor.

Yet, in a profound quote that shows how truly perceptive he is, he makes a statement about the collective truth trumping the overused trend of “my truth” people use to color their own experiences. For an otherwise dimwitted leader, the quote proves Mercer is light years ahead philosophically.

Kelly Grayson

“Every Single One Of Us Is Shaped By The Totality Of Our Relationships. People We Love And People We Hate. All Make Their Mark.”

Grayson stands by Isaac with his back turned on The Orville

Before her promotion as Lieutenant Commander, Kelly Grayson (Adrianne Palicki) was a boozy prankster with a sardonic sense of humor. After her promotion, she took on a reluctant leadership role and continues her stern demeanor who often trades mean and sarcastic barbs with her ex Ed Mercer.

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Yet, in a rare moment of candid support and a positive perspective Kelly doesn’t always harbor, she utters a profound kernel of wisdom and motherly advice to a younger crew member that she is usually reluctant to give. Even repulsed by.

Gordon Malloy

“I Thought We’d Be Safe. At Least For A While.”

Gordon smiles by the window on The Orville

To be honest, Gordon Malloy (Scott Grimes) doesn’t think very much at all during the popular sci-fi comedy show. As the resident sophomoric goofball without a care in the world, Gordon is viewed as the dumbest crew member by other members of The Orville, one who’d rather get drunk and frequent strip clubs than do any real work.

Yet, in a line of action and corresponding quote that betrays his nature, Gordon makes a daring move to save the crew in Season 2 by taking refuge in a secure area while under attack. Safety is usually the last thing on Gordon’s often cloudy mind.


“Are We, Bonding?”

Isaac stands on the ship on The Orville

Isaac is a highly intelligent character on The Orville and robotic Kaylon who thinks his race is vastly superior to every other in the galaxy. As a derisive elitist, Isaac puts down the members of The Orville, rarely showing a modicum of humanity and emotional warmth. Bonding with the others is the last thing Isaac wants to do, especially with someone as inferior as Gordon.

Yet, in a hilarious quip that goes against his heartless and unemotional nature, Gordon teaches Isaac about the benefits of having a cat aboard the ship. Isaac begins petting Gordon’s arm as if it’s a cat before uttering the surprisingly touching and tender line.


“I Am Told You’re People Are Responsible For Creating Some Of The Most Sought After Pornographic Simulations In The Galaxy.”

Bortus looks stern in The Orville

The humorless brute Bortus (Peter Macon) is a Moclan alien who takes his position as a Lt. Commander way too seriously. With ice-cold logic and austere outlooks, the decorous commander hasn’t the capacity to parse nuanced jokes or even enjoy himself all that much.

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Yet, Bortus’ entire staid and conservative demeanor changes on a dime when he solicits porn from a smut peddler aboard the ship, alluding to a hidden freaky side as he pines for an orgiastic Moclan tryst.

Claire Finn

“Well, I’m Your Doctor, Sir, And If Your Balls Are Under Par, I’ll Know.”

Finn stands beside Mercer on the ship in The Orville

As the de facto den mother of the ship on the great sci-fi parody series, Dr. Claire Finn (Penny Johnson Jerald) uses her experience and vast medical expertise to keep the crew fit and safe as can be. A temporary Captain as well, Finn is one of the most responsible and upstanding crewmembers. She isn’t prone to the immature hijinks on the ship and rarely responds with biting sarcasm.

Yet, when Mercer makes a crass joke about his testicular fortitude to handle the captaincy, Finn fires a rare return barb that borders on inappropriate behavior. Claire cracking jokes, funny ones at that, are a rarity on the show indeed.

John LaMarr

“Okay, Everybody Listen Up. There’s A New Boss In Town And His Name His Lieutenant Commander John LaMarr. You Guys Ready To Step It Up?”

John sits and smiles on The Orville

Like his pal Gordon, John LaMarr (J. Lee) is a casual, laid-back, wise-cracking rule-breaker who likes to have a good time on the amazing Fox TV show. Despite being good at his job, he’ll often buck responsibility whenever possible. Yet, when he first boards The Orville, he makes a grand entrance boasting his leadership prowess.

Later, John’s true feelings are revealed when he states “now maybe people will believe me when I say I am not a commander,” which proves his self-aggrandizing intro was all bluster. Indeed, LaMarr may have the skill but not the will to lead the ship as initially indicated.

Talla Keyali

“Even If He Had Destroyed The Ships, Can You Blame Him? If I Had Been Through What He Has, I’d Probably Want Every Last One Of The Dead.”

Talla smiles aboard the ship on The Orville

Talla Keyali (Jessica Szohr) is a lonely and extremely sensitive security expert who only resorts to violence when necessary. Her background in a military family has given her pause to fight with the military force, relying more on problem solving and diplomacy to broker peace.

However, while the quote supports lethal force comes from a place of compassion and sympathy, Talla is not a cold-blooded killer at heart nor is she often willing to lash out with violence as a means of revenge.

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