Responsibilities for Stakeholders in Education System


Responsibilities for Stakeholders in Education System

Educational institutions supported by teachers must continue their efforts to explore ways to empower students to think like artists, designers and change agents in the society

Post by on Thursday, February 3, 2022

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In the year 2021, humans and organizations have tried to give their best efforts to counter the damage done by the pandemic. It was possible through a great vision, efforts and hard work by different stakeholders in the societies. The crisis was also greatly used to stimulate innovation within the education sector. We have seen emergence of novel approaches in support of an ideal education system. The serious efforts were made in a short time to respond to the shocks to education systems. This pandemic has offered a good learning experience and proving that changes are possible.


The last two years will be greatly remembered for bringing courage, valor, commitment, and unity in this world.  Most of us now have also learnt to live and progress with the new norms of life but there is a need to do more and contribute towards the true objectives of an ideal education system. A tendency has developed in majority of the students to be casual in their approach. There are students who do everything including travelling, partying and visiting their relatives, friends, picnic spots etc. but they are showing resistance towards their education. There are others who have now an excuse in the form of Corona. But the students must not forget that employers have started raising questions on the degrees that were awarded during the peak of coronavirus pandemic. Students must do everything to prove such employers wrong. They must understand their responsibilities and develop their potential to the fullest.


The world will be in its normal position very soon and hence students must not kill their precious time by giving an excuse one or the other. They need to build on their career plans right away. Making a career plan will help them to travel towards your academics easier.  If students make a plan, it is important to stick to it. Students must devote time in learning new skills and must not underestimate the value of extra-curricular activities. Educational institutions supported by teachers must continue their efforts to explore ways to empower students to think like artists, designers and change agents in the society.  Students must be taught to walk with people to develop a sense of belongingness in them towards the society. As educators we have the privilege to impact many families and it must be done in a positive, supportive, and equitable way.


The authorities have a bigger role and must take education system very serious. Good education is not only a fundamental human right but an enabling right with direct impact on the realization of all other human rights. It is a global common good and a primary driver of progress across all 17 sustainable development goals as bedrock of just, equal, inclusive peaceful societies. The education must always be a high priority sector and needs serious efforts to take the country forward.


The year 2022 has arrived with omicron-fueled surge in COVID cases causing widespread concern. A large cooperation in the society from different stake holders is needed to protect everyone. Education sector need to contribute in big ways be it in terms of realistic policies, quality education, fair treatments given to the teaching and non-teaching staff. Students on the other side need to be safe from the virus but must not carry casual approach towards their education. There are experts who suggest that the idea of double masking can protect us and it protects everyone else around.  There are greater efforts needed in fighting deadly diseases in the society and the fight against the Omicron Virus must be the new challenge accepted.



(Dr. Shahid Amin Trali is an Associate Professor in the School of Management, ITM University Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh and can be reached at [email protected]) 





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