Sex Education’s Season 3 Ending Set Up The Perfect Series Finale


The Sex Education season 3 finale left the students of Moordale adrift and separated from each other, however, this choice could prove to be the perfect move if the Netflix hit teen comedy ends with season 4. Sex Education follows Otis Milburn, the son of a sex therapist, as he opens his own sex advice business in his high school along with his cadre of eccentric friends. Although Sex Education has received swathes of positive reviews, the ending may be in sight.


Concern for the series’ future has arisen after many of its lead actors announced that Sex Education season 4 will be their last. Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa, who play Maeve Wiley and Eric Effiong, respectively, have both resigned from Sex Education after this coming season. Additionally, some supporting Sex Education actors already exited before season 4, including Tanya Reynolds as Lily Ingleheart and Patricia Allison as Ola. With so much of the original cast saying goodbye to the series, it seems only right that Sex Education ends with season 4 while it still has its most integral characters.

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Sex Education Season 4 Can Offer A Final Reunion

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Because Sex Education season 3 ended with Moordale’s closure sending the students scattered to different schools, this sets up the perfect opportunity for Sex Education season 4 to stage a final reunion. Throughout Sex Education, Moordale was identified by its diverse student body and the many conflicts that come with varying different beliefs, ideas, and passions coexisting under one roof. However, with a new villain in Sex Education season 3, the students banded together in the name of individuality and freedom of expression. Their disconnection from each other in Sex Education season 4 could offer a final problem they must overcome together before they graduate and start their own lives.

The idea of a reunion is particularly important because, in Sex Education season 4, Maeve will be in America taking part in an education program. This move is exciting but complicated, since Maeve and Otis finally declared their feelings for each other in season 3. If Maeve and the other Moordale students were to reunite at the end of Sex Education season 4, therefore, loose ends could be tied up, relationships mended, and the students could have one final moment of reflection before the series ends for good.

Sex Education Season 3 Gives The Characters Space To Mature

Eric and Otis sat against a wall in sex education

Another benefit that comes from the Sex Education season 3 ending is that the characters have time and space to mature ahead of season 4. Though many of Moordale’s students have thrived being their own individuals, they will be tested in new schools where other students may not be so accepting. Additionally, without the help of Otis, many students may have to face their relationship problems by themselves. This separation, though scary, will be good because it will give the characters a chance to grow and gain new experiences that they will need after high school.

Though it will be sad to see Sex Education end, season 4 seems like the perfect time to do it. Sex Education ending with season 4 can show the students divided, but maturing and growing into their own individuals, then bring them back together at the end for a heartfelt, hilarious reunion. In this way, viewers can receive a satisfying ending to Sex Education that includes almost all of their favorite characters after four amazing seasons.

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