There are lots of different aspects to Stardew Valley beyond mere farming. Players can mine, fish, craft items, get married, have children, and even engage in battle with different creatures when venturing into locales such as the mines. Needless to say, it’s handy to have a good weapon in hand.

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Stardew Valley weapons come in many shapes and sizes, especially with some massive content updates since its initial release, and their perks vary. With all of these choices, which ones are really the best? In Stardew Valley, “best weapon” can be subjective based on your playstyle, making them hard to definitively rank. But, we can rank them by the amount of base damage they do with every swing, as well as any added benefits the weapon may have.

Updated on May 10th, 2022 by Geoffrey Martin: Stardew Valley, even years after its initial release, continues to thrive and garner a wonderful community. New content has been added over the years and new strategies are inevitably developed as players continue to explore and enjoy this top-notch indie game. A big part of gameplay in Stardew Valley is combat, most notably in the mines. With dozens upon dozens of weapons to choose from, this list continues to be fleshed out with the best of the best for you to equip during your adventure.


17 Obsidian Edge

character holding the obsidian edge sword in stardew valley

Obsidian Edge is a sword-type weapon that can be found from a chest deep within the mines at level 90. This dark and intimidating sword will lay waste to your foes and its harrowing look adds to its intrigue and mystery. Given its obsidian nature, it’s also a hearty and well-constructed sword.

Obsidian Edge has a damage output value of 30-45 with a critical strike chance of .02. While it does lack a bit in speed, it more than makes up for it in sheer damage and critical strike chances. If you do own this sword and for some reason opt to sell it, you can obtain 300g from the sale.

16 Wicked Kris

various items from stardew valley in menu

Wicked Kris is an intense and spooky-looking dagger, one that matches its spooky name with its power. Wicked Kris is an Iridium Alloy dagger that can be obtained in a couple of different ways, depending on where you are at in the game. It can sometimes be found in boxes or barrels, but more than likely will be obtained in the Skull Cavern as a monster drop.

The Wicked Kris dagger has a damage output of 24-30 and a critical hit change of +4. While that may not sound all that amazing, in comparison to the other daggers in the game, it’s well worth having in your arsenal. Plus, it just looks really on point, yes, pun intended.

15 Iridium Needle

Iridium Needle in stardew valley

With iridium comes quality items, including weapons. The Iridium Needle has a 14% chance of dropping from slimes in the mines when Shrine of Challenge is active. But just because it has iridium, does that make it good?

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It only yields 20-35 damage, which is not a lot, especially for more difficult levels. What makes it so great is its speed. It’s a type of dagger and these are the fastest weapons in Stardew Valley. So, if you’re quick, the Iridium Needle will be more than enough.

14 Dwarf Dagger

Dwarf Dagger in stardew valley

“It’s ancient, but the blade never dulls.” Finally, players can get their hands on weapons used by Stardew Valley’s Dwarf people after interacting with a member of their species for so long. This dagger can be found randomly within chests in the Volcano Dungeon, so continuous visits are best for obtaining it.

It has a damage range from 32-38, making it strong and relatively consistent in its output. It also offers an increase in Critical Chance (the chance that an attack will do more damage) and a whopping +6 to your Defense. Furthermore, it has a Weight of +5, meaning enemies will be knocked farther back than the average dagger. Undeniably, the Dwarves make impressive weapons.

13 Dragontooth Shiv

Dragontooth Shiv in stardew valley

One of several Ginger Island weapons forged from a “magical tooth,” the Dragontooth Shiv is the most compact of the bunch, dealing 40-50 damage per swing. You’ll find this in the random chests in the Volcano Dungeon as well.

This Shiv has an impressive resume: Critical Chance of +3, Crit Power of +100 (additional damage that a Critical strike gives), and a Weight of +5, similar to the Dwarf Dagger. It also has a Critical strike change of 0.05, higher than many Stardew Valley weapons (even the Galaxy Sword.)

12 Steel Falchion

Steel Falchion in stardew valley

After reaching level 90 in the mines, you can purchase the Steel Falchion sword from the Adventurer’s Guild for a measly 9,000g. It might not be the best sword Stardew Valley has to offer, but the Steel Falchion has some great stats that really make it a good weapon.

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Swords are already a quick weapon, but the Steel Falchion also has a +4 Speed Stat that makes it even faster. Additionally, it also has a whopping +20 Critical Power Stat, which makes it a great weapon for critical hits. Although its damage only comes in at 28-46, it’s still a viable choice for weaponry.

11 Lava Katana

Lava Katana in stardew valley

With its obvious red blade, the Lava Katana is hard to miss. A powerful weapon forged in lava, its damage comes in at 55-64, along with some additional stats: +3 Defense, +25 Critical Power, and +3 Weight.

It’s definitely a step above most other basic weapons and it’s an absolute must-have for making the journey through the mines. It can be purchased from the Adventurer’s Guild after reaching level 120 in the mines for 25,000g.

10 Dwarf Sword

Dwarf Sword in stardew valley

The Dwarf Sword is a no-nonsense weapon that provides the best combination of Defense boost and damage output. You’ll get +4 Defense with a range of 65-75 damage per swing — great for those wanting power but less risk of grave bodily harm. It also boasts a Speed of +2, meaning it will spend less time swinging and more time hitting.

This is another Volcano Dungeon chest drop, though luckily it’s a fun dungeon to go through multiple times and offers many random drops to collect on your way.

9 Infinity Dagger

Infinity Dagger in stardew valley

Considered the best dagger in Stardew Valley, the Infinity Dagger is a weapon that must be crafted, not found or purchased. To make it, bring a Galaxy Dagger and three Galaxy Souls to the forge on the top floor of the Volcano. Once placed into the forge, the ingredients become the Infinity Dagger. You’ll also have to pay up 60 Cinder Shards for the process.

It has the highest damage available for a dagger, at 50-70. While this doesn’t seem like a high yield, keep in mind that it is a dagger, which means it will move very quickly. Even with that amount of damage, this weapon can be lethal enough.

8 Galaxy Sword

galaxy sword stardew valley

The Galaxy Sword is one of the most powerful swords in the game, besting the Lava Katana, among others. You can find it by bringing a Prismatic Shard to the three pillars in the Calico desert. By walking in the middle of these three pillars while holding the shard, it will be consumed and turned into the Galaxy Sword.

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It hits for 60-80 damage, plus a +4 Speed Stat. This makes it a heavy-hitter that can also be quick. It’s a well-rounded, effective weapon. When found, it also unlocks the Galaxy Hammer and Galaxy Dagger, other staples in the game beloved by long-time players.

7 Dwarf Hammer

Dwarf Hammer in stardew valley

This weapon is a little mysterious, considering it “emits a very faint whirring sound,” but it seems to serve its purpose well. The Dwarf Hammer is a Club weapon that deals 75-85 damage each swing, with the added benefits of +2 Defense and +5 Weight.

This is another Volcano Dungeon exclusive, so you’ll have to open lots of chests if you want the Dwarf Hammer in your collection. Like many of the weapons in the game, the Dwarf Hammer has a terrible selling price compared to its value: a measly 650g if sold to Marlon in the Adventurer’s Guild.

6 Galaxy Hammer

Galaxy Hammer in stardew valley

The Galaxy Hammer is exclusive to members of the Adventurer’s Guild only. After discovering the Galaxy Sword, this item becomes available to purchase for 75,000g. Its damage is 70-90 and it boasts a +2 Speed stat and a +5 Weight stat.

Because it’s technically a type of club, the Galaxy Hammer moves a little slower but packs a wider swing, allowing you to hit enemies from a greater distance. It’s sort of like a game of whack-a-mole, especially when you’re surrounded by enemies from all sides. Additionally, the speed stat helps balance this movement, making it a great, high-level weapon to use.

5 Dragontooth Cutlass

Dragontooth Cutlass in stardew valley

The dangerous Dragontooth Cutlass can be found by looting chests in the Volcano Dungeon, and it is worth it. With base damage at 75-90 plus a +50 Critical Power Stat, the Dragontooth Cutlass is a gnarly weapon, ready for anything.

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It’s a type of sword, so it’s well-rounded in terms of speed and damage distance. While it’s still not the most powerful weapon in Stardew Valley, it’s certainly a very good one that is worth finding.

4 Dragontooth Club

Dragontooth Club in stardew valley

This is the strongest out of all the Dragontooth weapons, packing a strong punch of 80-100 base damage. It has a Crit Power of +50 and a Weight of +5, so it’s guaranteed to keep enemies from crawling all over you.

If you haven’t guessed yet, you’ll have to find this weapon in the Volcano Dungeon like the many others introduced in Update 1.5, though this Club is certainly worth the search.

3 Infinity Blade

Stardew Valley Infinity Blade

Another weapon crafted at the forge, the Infinity Blade is Stardew Valley’s best sword and the most powerful of its category. It has a damage of 80-100 with a +4 Speed and a +2 Defense stat. It’s an incredible weapon that has the best of all worlds.

Because it’s a sword, it’s going to be well-balanced in terms of speed and accuracy. Pair that with its high damage and the weapon is virtually unstoppable. While the top two weapons after this one are technically the best on paper, many people consider this to be the ultimate weapon. The best weapon Stardew Valley has for you is, of course, up to your preference to an extent, but this sword is known for being one of the top dogs.

2 Infinity Gavel

Infinity Gavel in stardew valley

The highest-ranking club-type weapon is the Infinity Gavel. It is made from a Galaxy Hammer and three Galaxy Souls in the forge (plus the 60 Cinder Shards), so it’s a little bit of work. But, it’s absolutely worth it. Its damage is 100-120, making it the most powerful melee weapon in Stardew Valley.

On top of that, it has +2 Speed, +1 Defense, and +5 Weight stats, which only enhance the already overpowered club. Especially with the speed stat to increase the speed, this weapon is the best of the best and a must-have for players who love to go clubbing.

1 Master Slingshot

master slingshot stardew valley

There’s a reason it’s called the Master Slingshot. Seemingly innocuous, this little slingshot, with the right ammunition, can deal 50-202 damage. 202! That’s over 80 damage points more than the strongest sword. So, what ammunition gives it this much damage? Of course, it’s Iridium — the one and only sacred resource of the valley.

The Master Slingshot will still be an effective and hard-hitting weapon with other ammunition, but iridium takes it to another level. In terms of damage output, it’s the best weapon in Stardew Valley.

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