The Best POS Systems for Food Trucks


To help you better understand and use POS systems with exceptional food truck functionality, here are notable POS system features to consider and prioritize:

Compact Hardware

The best POS systems for food trucks are designed with mobility in mind. Full-service registers are a nonstarter for food truck operators due to their fragility and space requirements. In contrast, compact hardware options like tablets or handheld devices work well in food trucks. These devices are durable and able to withstand the rigors of a mobile environment.

Order Management

POS software for food trucks can help you take and manage orders and accommodate customizations, modifiers and special requests. Specialized software can also support quick order entry, which helps you keep up with fast-paced service.

Payment Processing

The ability to accept multiple payment types is critical for a food truck owner. Many consumers today expect to use fast mobile payment methods, including near-field communication (NFC) mobile payments — especially at the point of sale for a busy food truck. POS software integrates with mobile payment processors and supports various payment methods, including credit and debit cards and mobile wallets.

Inventory Management

POS software for food trucks typically offers basic inventory management functions. Some vendors include more robust POS inventory management features to track individual ingredients. This feature helps you track food inventory and ensures you never run out of popular items during busy times.

Customer Management

Food trucks often rely on repeat customers, which is why customer management is crucial. POS systems offer advanced features such as generating customer relationship management metrics and creating detailed customer profiles with contact info, purchase histories, preferences, birthdays and notes. Knowing about your customers can help you build a customer loyalty program to reward your best patrons.


Every POS system can produce POS reports, but their capabilities vary. While some offer basic functionality with preconfigured reports, others are more advanced, providing numerous reporting options and filters for in-depth analysis of sales, inventory, customers and staff data.

Top-tier POS systems feature real-time reporting accessible from any device via a browser or mobile app. Before investing in a POS system, ensure that it provides the specific reports necessary for efficiently managing your food truck operations.

Businesses can learn much from POS sales reports, including what their best-selling items are and which products to deemphasize. They can also help businesses with multiple locations compare sales and make informed decisions.


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