The Gilded Age Season 2: Meet All 34 Cast Members


Welcome to a new era.

Spectators of ‘ The Gilded Age’ will celebrate once more, with a slew of new and returning characters.

The Gilded Age, HBO’s latest historical drama series set in nineteenth-century New York City, was recently released. Some spectators are already wondering if the series will be renewed for a second season. Therefore this article is especially for gilded-age aficionados.

For newbies, we’ll go over part of the show’s premise, and then for fans, we’ll go over the entire season 2 cast which in total are 24 regulars. Oh, in that case, you don’t know you’re definitely going to get to see a second season of The Gilded Age.

The Gilded Age Premise Is Amusing

During the namesake era of American history, when incredible scientific achievement and economic boom obscured the apparent social defects.

The show follows the lives of numerous members of New York’s upper crust, as well as their domestic staff. The main source of conflict in the series is the rivalry between members of the old and new money factions.

But, the main plot of the series revolves around Marian Brook, a country girl who moves to New York after her dad’s passing away. Things become more complex for her and for the viewers as well when she is forced to blend into the family of a railroad magnate.

The show is far from boring. It depicts a significant period of American social and financial history in a way that everybody can grasp.

The sets are incredible, and the outfits are deserving of their own review. The acting is phenomenal, and this is some of HBO’s best casting whatsoever, proved by its 8/10 IMDb rating.

So far, the show has primarily focused on The Four Hundred, the characters are based on real people, and it has given the drama that everyone expected from these upper-class high-society ladies.

The show follows a precisely crafted script that focuses on several various plotlines to depict the shift that the world is through, as well as giving you all of the characters’ thoughts from multiple perspectives. This results in a more fully developed environment and even greater personalities.

‘The Gilded Age’ Season 2 Cast List: All 24 Regulars

A cast to remember.

Well, we can’t picture ‘The Gilded Age’ without our favorite characters. The one that added to the series intrigue and encouraged us to watch it for hours.

So, why don’t we take a deeper look at the 24 regulars? Here’s the complete list of the upcoming season’s 24 regulars. But before reading, sit down grab some snacks and then dive in. Because it’s pretty lengthy.

1. Carrie Coon as Bertha Russell

Carrie Coons may well have been recognized by the Avengers: Infinity War fans, as she played the role of Proxima Midnight.

In the show, ‘The Gilded Age’ she’s portrayed as a character who is hell-bent on breaking into a polite society that fights change at every turn using her status and wealth.

She’s among the most intriguing and human characters on the show so far. One thing is for sure, George and Bertha are crazy about each other even decades after their first meeting and they are a perfect match.

As well as the same can be said about Carrie’s real life, as the TCA Award for Individual Achievement in Drama winner actress began her career as a stage actor who played a variety of characters.

Carrie moved on to television and movies after a decade in theatre, displaying a fluidity rarely seen in Hollywood. Her most famous roles were in the shows “Gone Girl” and “The Leftovers.” She recently appeared in the film “Ghostbusters afterlife” as Cali.

The actress said that some of her characters are based on her own life experiences. “I’ve had a terrible charmed rise” she recalled. “There are a few stories that are quite like mine.”

Roughly a decade ago, Carrie met the love of her life actor and playwright Tracy Lex, they got married a year after they first laid eyes on each other.

2. Morgan Spector as George Russell

As understood by his surname, Morgan is Bertha’s spouse in the program, as well as a Robber baron (which is a derogatory term of social criticism originally applied to certain wealthy and powerful 19th-century American businessmen).

Surprisingly, the actor admits that he is a wife guy both on and off-screen. The on-screen couple’s relationship is rather unconventional for their day.

But Morgan claims it’s the healthiest on the show, and they’re all actually quite difficult to write and play because, as in real life, a good marriage necessitates constant balancing. Fortunately, Morgan can be derived from his own experience.

He married British actress Rebecca Hall following a whirlwind affair similar to that of others of their co-stars in the gilded age.

The couple met on stage and have been married for almost eight years. They have a daughter.

The couple prefers to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, but Morgan recently gushed about his wife in an interview. “I think we’re complementary in some ways. We’re always engaged around work, but we’re not the same kind of thinkers, which I think is fantastic.” The actor stated.

We think is fantastic being married to a successful actress but, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Morgan doesn’t have a thriving career of his own.

He’s known for his roles on ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and ‘Homeland’ although you might not recognize him on those shows as he doesn’t sport that prominent ‘Russel’s beard’.

3. Louisa Jacobson as Marian Brook

The protagonist of the story or we can say which the plot of the story mainly revolves around is Louisa Jacobson, who plays Marian Brook, an impoverished young lady whose father dies and leaves her with no choice but to reside with her distant aunt’s family.

Jacobson makes her television debut in The Gilded Age, but that doesn’t imply she has no prior acting experience; in fact, she received a call from her agency while working on a different historical play, Romeo and Juliet, at the Old Globe in San Diego.

The facts regarding the roles she was to apply for were limited, but Louisa was immediately attracted because of the show’s creator; she was a fan of Downtown Abbey throughout her college years.

The American model remarked that it was her ambition to dress up and walk about in beautiful costumes. “This is like my ideal situation to parade around in gorgeous costumes and live out my Edith Horton”.

4. Denée Benton as Peggy Scott

Benton’s character is an aspiring writer. Benton is already a star. In her love life, the Tony-nominated actress was a Broadway regular in musicals such as Hamilton and appeared on the tv show Unreal.

Denae and her now-husband Carl Lundstead both studied acting at university and dated for five and a half years before marrying. Carl proposed to the actress one day on a routine Friday, revealing that she’s quite controlled and doesn’t like surprises.

That’s exactly what her boyfriend did that day; he tricked her into coming to the Metropolitan Museum to help him look for his missing wallet, then got down on one knee right there proposing to her, and luckily she said yes. The two then started preparing for their big day.

Benton grew up in Central Florida, so it was essential to her that her elderly family members could attend the wedding.

Additionally, the young couple made certain that the venue had never been the site of a slave plantation; thankfully, they found such a location and had a beautiful outdoor ceremony. That same year had more exciting news in store for her: the casting of the gilded age.

Benton’s intention in presenting the character was to give her as much dignity as possible. She believed that this young woman should be a representative of the black upper-middle class of that time period.

5. Taissa Farmiga as Gladys Russell

The American singer and actress most remembered for her Broadway portrayal as Natasha Rostova in Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 in 2016 are shown in the series to be an innocent and naive character, however, ready to be treated like an adult.

The situation with Glady’s character is that she was given far more privilege than her parents provided to Bertha. It’s still life or death for her, therefore she’s looking for a way into society.

Because she grew up in the working class, she grew up without money, as did her father, George. So they constructed what they have from the ground up, and there’s a sincerely appreciate for it.

Gladys is a touch naive and clearly sheltered when the viewer first meets her. But, according to Taissa Farmiga, Bertha is trying hard to keep Gladys from experiencing those difficulties in life.

6. Harry Richardson as Larry Russell

Harry is played as a fresh Harvard University graduate character wanting to create a name for himself in the world.

About his real life, so, this Australian actor’s credit list is not that long but, Richardson already has some experience in working on a long-running period drama.

He played in the British series ‘Poldark’ from the third season onward, and what’s even more intriguing is that he’s to date his co-star ‘Eleanor Tomlinson’.

They became an item right after Harry joined ‘Poldark’cast and were together for around a year, it seems like their split was amicable. However, for a whole year after that, he then had to move to the US to film the Gilded Age.

The pandemic delayed production though and Harry felt completely frustrated with being alone in the big Apple until he met actress band dancer ‘Juliette Doherty’ and now the rest is history.

7. Blake Ritson as Oscar van Rhijn

Blake Ritson is known for his arrival in the show’s “Mansfield Park” and Da Vinci’s Demon” has a quite different but interesting role in the show ‘Gilded Age’. He’s portrayed as Agnes’ clever and outgoing son, who is looking for a wealthy princess to provide him with a decent quality of living.

In the show, Oscar’s relationship with Agnes is very pleasant, and in a world where everyone else is tiptoeing around her, undercutting her, mocking her, and challenging her, Oscar is continually batting away her views that the nouveau should not be permitted into polite society. The idea of kids rebelling against their parents feels very modern and present.

Oscar is quite practical throughout the show, and he places a high emphasis on his own happiness.

Back in the day, marriage was significantly more transactional; hardly every marriage was based on love, so the idea that Oscar is looking for an heiress but also wants to find happiness elsewhere is a strange thought.

8. Simon Jones as Bannister

Bannister is the butler for the van Rhijn household. Who caused Agnes to storm into Russell’s house and break her own rule.

Simon Jones, the actor, may not appear to be well-known to you, but he is! He has appeared not just in the show ‘The Gilded Age,’ but also in a number of other films and television shows.

On the radio in 1978 and again on television in 1981, he played Arthur Dent, the lead of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Jones also made a cameo appearance in the 2005 film The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

After years of playing in programs and movies, Simon didn’t know a piece of huge good news was coming for him in the year 2018 when it was announced in August 2018 that he would appear in the Downton Abbey film.

9. Jack Gilpin as Church

Have you heard of the renowned actress Betty Gilpin? Yes, Jack is the reason behind her great upbringing as he is her father.

A graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy (class of 1969) and Harvard University (class of 1973)The father just like his daughter has wowed the entertainment industry with his performances; also to mention that Jack is not only an actor but also a priest.

In the show, Jack played another butler named Church, who is the servant of the Russell family and trying to overcome his past by thriving in his profession.

10. Cynthia Nixon as Ada Brook

The actor was excited about the project from the moment she heard about it. One of the things that drew her to this part was how different it was from her previous one.

Cynthia stated that it was a welcome change for her. “I don’t always get to play these gentle, loving, heart-one-their-sleeve kind of characters, the activist stated.

Cynthia was also looking forward to seeing Christine Baranski again. The two had previously collaborated on a Broadway play in the mid-1980s when Cynthia played Christine’s daughter.

Nevertheless, their age difference is not that great, so it was fairly easy to establish a special sense of familiarity between the sisters from the start this time. Nixon and Baranski envisioned their characters as more akin to an old married couple than siblings.

And this perspective aided them in creating the right relationship, full of minor irritations but rooted in love.

Offscreen Cynthia’s life is not the same as Aydah’s. For 15 years, she was in a relationship with photographer and instructor Danny Moses. The couple has two sons who are all grown up.

But unfortunately, the pair parted ways a little while later and also stated that no third party was involved for their reason for their breaking up.

However, the following year, Cynthia surprised everyone when she started dating LGBTQ activist Christine Marinoni. And till now the two have been in a loving marriage for 10 years.

11. Christine Baranski as Agnes van Rhijn (née Brook)

Agnes, on the other hand, is the matron of ancient New York. The actress that plays her is one of New York’s most recognized theatre actresses today; in fact, she didn’t arrive in Hollywood until she was in her forties.

Baranski was happy with her life as a theatrical actor and the mother of a quiet family in rural Connecticut. Christine married fellow actor Matthew Cowells in the 1980s.

You may recognize him from the “soap all my children” and “Shutter Island” with Leonardo DiCaprio, but Matthew wanted to be a stay-at-home dad after the couple welcomed their two daughters into the world.

In truth, Christine admitted that she began taking television work since her theatre earnings were insufficient to pay the bills. Despite this, Baranski’s husband was always extremely supportive and proud of her career. Sadly, Matthew passed away eight years ago.

Christine was devastated and disoriented, as proved by her remarks. “When you’ve had a 30-year marriage and sat across from this person every morning having coffee, it’s so strange,” the actress shared.

Fortunately, her daughters and grandchildren helped her cope with the loss but, it was also her work that Baranski move on.

Just a few months after her husband passed away, Christine had to be back in front of the camera and although it was hard because of her, it helped to be with her co-stars from the “good wife” and the “good fight”, they all loved and supported her, according to her.

Christine was genuinely surprised at how successful she had become; it impresses her that even at the age of nearly 70, she is still getting fantastic roles like Agnes in the Gilded Age, and she was easily convinced to take on the role.

12. Kelli O’Hara as Aurora Fan

Aurora Fine’s role, particularly in a handful of episodes, serves as a bridge to assist Carrie Coons’ character, Bertha, on her trip into established society, but Aurora also has to please her older acquaintances.

For the majority of her career, Broadway has been and theatre has always been her sort of main interest, and the actress is overjoyed to be performing in the show because she considers it a ‘gift.’

The actress also stated that not just because it was something they were able to do in the midst of the pandemic, but she also felt like it was a part of the theatre, despite the fact that it was a television show. In a way, it felt like the cast were all Kelli’s pals.

The singer also remarked that this was the first time she felt like she belonged on a television show and that she is normally a foreign territory in other shows, but she felt at home in this one.

According to viewers, the audience doesn’t love her right off the bat. She’s icy, she’s a society lady. She’s not welcoming necessarily but little hints are given that the character might warm up a little.

Honestly, Keli doesn’t herself knows what they intended for Aurora in the show. But according to the point of view of the actress, she wants Aurora to be surprising and not just ‘typical’.

13. Donna Murphy as Caroline Schermerhorn Astor

The actress Caroline has portrayed as a renowned American aristocrat and the head of New York society’s elite circle called “The Four Hundred” in the show.

Donna is well recognized for her work in musical theatre. She received the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical twice, once for her portrayal of Fosca in Passion and once for her role as Anna Leonowens in “The King and I.”

It has been reported that Kelli and Donna had a great time together off-screen, that they both gossiped a lot about the industry. And how some weird things happened during the last year of their shooting, which led to both of them spending a little time with each other on set.

14. Debra Monk as Armstrong

The American actress was portrayed as the lady maid of Mrs. Van Rhijn.

In her real life, the actress has achieved a number of great things in life. This performer demonstrates how to sell a song. Her music career, like her acting career, is not unnoticed.

Of course, her songs are well-written and arranged lyric-wise, but Monk squeezes every drop of comedy and raunch from them.

When the category was first established in 1947, Patricia Neal won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Featured Role.

Since then, such distinguished members of the acting profession as Shirley Booth, Maureen Stapleton, and Bancroft Jane Worth have expressed their gratitude on stages like this, but now another name has been added to the list, and guess who it is?

Yes, Debra Monk’s, the actress, thanked her family and friends for their support throughout her journey in both her singing and acting careers. And that’s quite amazing to know.

15. Kristine Nielsen as Mrs. Bauer

Her character in Gilded Age was a cook for Mrs. Van Rhijn, but in fact, her real life is completely different from her character shown in the series. Well, let’s go through her life.

Kristine is derived from a heroic family. Her father was a captain in the United States Navy, and her mother was a Democrat who worked in government. Isn’t it cool? But wait, there’s more!

Not only were her parents well-known, but so were her grandfather and great grandfather! Harold Nielsen (1879-1958), her dad’s dad, served in World War I and was of Danish heritage.

Lewis Gerard (1833-1914), her great-grandfather, was a French immigrant who served the Union during the Civil War.

There’s no question that you haven’t seen this actor only in the ‘Gilded Age’ and not in other films and tv shows. Several movies and television shows have garnered the actress money as well as fame.

Her most well-known character is Sonia in Christopher Durang’s play Vanya and Sonia and Masha, in which she plays Sonia. If you know it doesn’t forget to mention it.

16. Taylor Richardson as Bridget

She’s yet another lady housemaid for Van Rhijn, the old-money widow. Aside from acting, this young 21-year-old actress also works as an assistant director.

Most people are familiar with her from the film Slender Man (2018) as the character Lizzy Knudsen. She graduated from a prestigious university with a bachelor’s degree and now lives in New York with her brother.

Her parents’ names haven’t been disclosed yet. Taylor had a lot of acting experience, as evidenced by the fact that she began acting at the age of 12.

The actress is actually quite proud to admit that she is a homosexual. Victoria Leigh, with whom she has been dating for more than three years, is her sweetheart. Adorable, right?

17. Ben Ahlers as John “Jack” Treacher

Other than cooks and maids, there has to be a footman in the Van Rhijn household, given how royal it is.

“Whining” is regarded as “complaining about a problem without proposing a solution,” which John does not do in the show. In fact, he takes on things that no one else wants to undertake and never complains.

We think he’s a little too hot to be a footman. Some of Ben’s well-known television shows and films include When the Street Lights Go On, The University, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

The theatre artist has made some significant statements about his character throughout the Gilded Age that should be acknowledged.

Jack has a rich past, according to the actor, and he’s attempting to find a place in the show. In response to fans’ questions regarding Jack’s character, the fans claimed that he “always has information about everyone”, to which Ben replied: “He’s this radical optimist.

This very practical optimist. But back then, especially as a footman, I’m standing in the corner a lot, serving tea, and then watching these heavy hitters within society have these discussions.

I can’t check it out on my phone. When I go to sleep, there’s not a lot to do other than just stew and think and dream and do all of that”. The actor continued, “I think just by sheer exposure to the height of the people that he’s working for, he’s a sponge in that way.”

Ben also described how he felt when he was around his cast or role models. “I think when you get to know where he’s come from later in the season, there’s been this muscle of independence and this constant striving to make something of his life.

I think when you’re around these role models, these benchmarks of high class and power and all of that, that gets ingrained in you just by the environment. You find that even when I was on set with Christine Baranski and Cynthia Nixon.

I mean, don’t even get me started on that. That was a whole two months of just preparing myself for when I walked on set.”

The actor continued to explain in more detail, “But you look at these titans of your industry, and you start to dream more of yourself, especially when you’re an equal player in that process. I definitely connected with Jack in that way.”

The Gilded Age, as we all know, was a strange age with a lot of historical vibes and Ben has to say something on this topic.

“When I first walked onto the backlot where we shot a lot of those outdoor scenes with the horse-drawn carriages, especially when we were filming, you were in that environment.

I’ve never had vertigo, so I don’t know how to explain that, but you almost got dizzy with the fact that you really did feel like you’re in a completely different world, especially with the work that Kasia [Walicka-Maimone] from the costume department and everyone from the props department did. ”

Ben went on to say, “Every detail was so taken care of to the point where, unless you were going to go sit down in the green room and get on your phone, there was really no indication other than the cameras that you weren’t in the 1880s.

As disorienting as that was, I kind of got caught up in the joy of that kind of funhouse because there was such a respect for how you presented yourself, how you carried yourself, and certainly that got very restrictive in ways that the show also does a great job of highlighting the consequences of that.

But it kind of bled into the rest of my life where I was like, you know what, I want to take care of my things. If I’m going out to dinner with someone I want to dress in a way that shows them that I respect that I’m here. I think we’ve kind of drifted from some of that.”

18. Kelley Curran as Turner

Kelley is known for her role as Bertha Russell’s bright American lady’s maid, who has no intention of remaining a servant for the rest of her life, in the Gilded Age.

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot (2018) and The Blacklist (2013), are some other well-known works of Kelley Curran. The actress appears to be a private person, as she has not shared anything significant about herself or her personal life.

19. Douglas Sills as Monsieur Baudin/Josh Borden

The Tony Award nominee is cast as the Russell household’s chef. Sills established a strong name as a stage character actor in the 1990s, particularly in the professional theatres of Southern California.

He has appeared in many national tours, including Into the Woods and The Secret Garden, in which future Broadway stars James Stacy Barbour and Audra McDonald joined him.

He’s also participated in a number of music videos, such as the Dave at the Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. in 2018, in the role of Chief of Staff Bob Alexander, and the character of Jack in William Mastrosimone’s Ride the Tiger at Long Wharf Theatre.

20. Celia Keenan-Bolger as Mrs. Bruce

In the show, the mother of one was cast as Russell’s new maid. The success of the play To Kill a Mockingbird has increased the actress’s popularity and love among her followers.

Celia won a Tony Award for best-featured actress in a play for her performance on Broadway in 2018. She also has a singing background, since she has sung in a number of concerts.

She was featured on the Bright Lights, Big City concept cast CD. Well, she has performed with Audra McDonald at the Lincoln Center American Songbook Series at the Michigan Theatre.

Celia has been a fan of the theatre since she was five years old when she lived in Detroit, Michigan. Her grandparents had a cross burned on their front lawn. Because they were open to black families who were integrating the area when she was growing up.

Along with those families, they raised her mother and her mother’s siblings. Instead of moving to the suburbs when Celia’s mother met Celia’s father, they reared her and her siblings in the same area.

Celia appeared to be appreciative of those who assisted her along the way as she accepted the Tony Award for her performance in To Kill a Mockingbird. The actress stated that it was ‘Rudin’ for made the “production happen”.

‘Aaron Sorkin’ for “making the play relevant”, and ‘Bart Scheer’ for “making Celia brave while performing in the play”. After this, she thanked her loving and supportive family and friends to love her even when she’s not winning a Tony Award.

21. Michael Cerveris as Watson/Collyer

An American actor, guitarist, singer, and a Tony Award winner for As John Wilkes Booth in Assassins. Michael received the prize twice in 2015, not once but twice.

The second time he received the prize was for his role as Bruce Bechdel in Fun Home, Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical. Up to this point, his most well-known part has been on the television series Fringe. Let’s say he was one of the show’s key characters.

He also performed vocals to “My Other Phone Is a Boom Car” for Wired Magazine in March 2007 as part of a ringtone initiative by They Might Be Giants.

22. Erin Wilhelmi as Adelheid 

Erin played Gladys Russell’s lady’s maid in the Gilded Age. And she also went on to star in other films and television shows.

Perhaps you already know this, but for those who don’t know, Erin played Alice in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Aaron Sorkin’s stage adaption of To Kill a Mockingbird. She has completed her education at the University of Evansville (BFA in Theatre Performance).

So far, nothing is known about her personal life other than the fact that she was born in Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

23. Patrick Page as Richard Clay

George’s loyal secretary role was done by Patrick Page. Well, we don’t think we need to introduce this prominent figure once you’ve seen him in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin.

Patrick has been interested in magic since he was a child. He became engaged in magic and illusion when he was in his teens.

In 1978, he won the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians Stage Competition, and in 1979, he was named the Outstanding Teenage Magician in the stage-magic category by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

And now that he’s an actor, he’s worked his magic on all of his fans with his incredible looks and talent.

24. Sullivan Jones as T. Thomas Fortune

Sullivan Jones, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, rose to fame as the publisher of the weekly New York Globe, a well-known publication at the time.

Sullivan studied theatre at Brown University for two years before abandoning the program to take up a job in acting. At the New York Theatre Workshop, Sullivan was in an Off-Broadway production.

He’s done a lot of work and has a lot of stage credits, as well as a lot of different workshops, theatres, and regional work under his belt.

In Hulus’ limited series “The Looming Tower,” he was a series regular. He has appeared in shows such as “Blue Bloods,” “Parks and Rec,” “The Blacklist,” “The Good Fight,” and “House of Cards”, “NCIS”. This guy has been everywhere, goodness.

New Additional Recurring Actors In ‘The Gilded Age’ Season 2

Time for a surprise. You probably read everything about the regulars. And you’re in luck because we also have a list of the series’ recurring guest actors.

Along with what roles they’re going to portray in the show, which you can find below. And you’re definitely going to love to know. Because you might know these ensembles from somewhere. Don’t think, just read.

1. Robert Sean Leonard 

Yes, you may recognize him as Dr.James from the television series House, as he was the main protagonist. But now, in the upcoming season 2 of Gilded Age, Christopher will be a priest instead of a doctor.

He will be named Reverend Matthew Forte, who’s a cheerful yet agreeable man and a recent transplant from Boston. According to reports, the Reverend will be the parish priest of the church where all of New York’s high society mingles.

2. Laura Benanti

Laura, who won the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical, and several other Tony Award nominations will play a lonely widow whose rich and bland husband, who was also her senior, dies.

She’ll be residing in Newport in the future season of the Gilded Age, where she’ll employ Larry to renovate her Newport mansion while being a stylish and beautiful woman.

3. Nicole Brydon Bloom

As we all know, Agnes’ son, who is on the lookout for a wealthy princess, appears to have found one in season 2 of Gilded Age. Caroline Stuyvesant will be played by Nicole Brydon Bloom, a dream wife of Oscar.

He sees her as the ideal match for him because she is affluent and gorgeous, while Caroline sees him as a trusted advisor, and does not plan to get married to Oscar.

About her life so Nicole has been featured in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. “At Midnight In Manhattan,” from SVU. Her solo film, 1BR, is screening at cinemas across the United States and Europe.

4. Michael Braugher

Michael Braugher’s Booker T. Washington creates his own new school and welcomes New York reporters Thomas Fortune (Sullivan Jones) and Peggy Scott (Denée Benton) as visitors to see it.

Michael made his acting debut in the film “To Kill a Mockingbird.” The John Houseman Award for Excellence in Classical Theater was given to Michael. Blue in Paradise Blue and Jaques in As You Like It are two of his other well-known roles. Now you must remember him.

5. Christopher Denham

Robert McNeil is simply a regular guy, well, not really a regular guy, but a wealthy guy who is crossing New York with his loving wife while working as an arrogant banker.

Christopher Denham is not just an actor, but also a film and television producer. Home Movie, a 2008 horror film, and Preservation, a critically praised thriller starring Wrenn Schmidt, Pablo Schreiber, and Aaron Staton, are two of the films that he directed. But no there are more.

We won’t have time to write about the other guest stars if we mention his roles and in what movies he has played them, haha.

When it comes to his film roles, he played Sheriff Peter Trask in Craig Zobel’s One Dollar, which debuted on CBS All Access. He is most recognized for his parts in the movies Shutter Island (2010), Argo (2012), and Money Monster (2016), as well as the TV show Billions.

6. David Furr

Agnes’ family is well-known and wealthy, and in season 2 of Gilded Age, another family member will be introduced. Dashiell Montgomery, played by David Furr, is Agnes’ nephew, who is prosperous like Agnes but is widowed and has a daughter, Frances, with whom he moves to New York to care for and adore in every way possible.

Possibly, As David Furr’s blue eyes make every girl fall in love maybe his character in the show will do the same and will once again find a soulmate and a mother for his daughter.

7. Ben Lamb

The Duke of Buckingham character will undoubtedly be adored by all since it will be played by the well-known actor Ben Lamb, who has resisted all possibility of not being hot and handsome.

In the show, Bertha Russell sees Duke as a weapon for her aspirations and a fit for Gladys. Ben will be shown as an aristocratic British nobleman who has lately arrived in New York.

Lovers of Anthony Rivers in The White Queen and Owen Case in Now You See Me 2 would know him better because he played these parts in the films mentioned above.

8. Matilda Lawler

Have you ever heard of a sweet, innocent girl who everyone adores? Frances Montgomery, played by Matilda Lawler, is just like that.

She’s a lovely, well-mannered young lady, but who knows how long she’ll be able to keep up her good manners, which she perhaps inherited from her mother Dashiell Montgomery.

Matilda Lawler, who is 14 years old in real life, is a well-known young actor. Her films and television series have captivated the attention of other children and have served as an inspiration.

Matilda is best known for portraying roles in the film Flora & Ulysses and the HBO Max miniseries Station Eleven.

9. Dakin Matthews

It appears that half of the season 2 guest actors are portraying widowed characters, but they certainly have an interesting backstory, to say the least.

Dakin Matthews will play Mr. Winterton, a wealthy man who recently married a young woman who has no idea of Mr. Winterton’s history. But, unless she meets Mr. Winterton’s society pals, she may get to know soon.

10. Rebecca Haden

Self-taught coder, art schooled designer, MFA trained actor, and what not? She had to portray a role in this famous tv series.

Flora McNeil will be played by Rebecca Haden, whose early upbringing led her to believe that her father abandoned her mother and her, but who knows the truth?

Maybe her mother or a stranger? Perhaps there is an intriguing storyline that will surprise the viewers, but the truth shall be revealed in season 2.

It’d be fantastic to see so many new faces in the forthcoming season; it’ll make fans happy and give the directors perhaps a lot of wealth.

Are you excited for the upcoming season of ‘The Guilded Age’? What do you expect from season 2? There are actually a lot of stories we would love to see, right?

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