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If you’re having a baby, coming up with a name can either be the most fun or most difficult task. Data from the Social Security Administration shows that the most popular baby names for 2021 were Olivia, Emma, Charlotte for girls; and Liam, Noah, and Oliver for boys. See the full list here. The data has also revealed the 50 LEAST picked baby names for 2021. The names range from unique to absolutely awful.


  1. Infant – These parents were to literal in their naming decision.
  2. Alchemy – Okay but why do I kind of like this one???
  3. Coast – I bet they named the child after where it was conceived.
  4. Louisiana – I’ve heard of Georgia, Carolina, Virginia, even Arizona, but Louisiana? And the nickname is going to even worse! Lois, Louise, Lou – rough.
  5. Pearly – I bet their house smells like patchouli.
  6. Brilliance – I hope their kid is smart, or at least has shiny teeth.
  7. Epic – Epic fail at naming.
  8. Fairy – Okay their house DEFINITELY smells like patchouli.
  9. Rhapsody – Honestly not the worst one on the list.
  10. Hyatt – Was Ramada already taken?
  11. Nation – Yikes.
  12. Ibiza – I’ve met an Ibiza this one is more unique than bad.
  13. Anime – Weebs.
  14. Comfort – Hyatt’s starting to look pretty good now.
  15. Curie – Big science fans?
  16. Irish – Could be worse, tbh.
  17. Rocket – Of all the names in Guardians of the Galaxy, why Rocket? I guess it’s better than Groot.
  18. Pennylane – At least she can go be Penny.
  19. Aggie – It’s not that it’s a bad name it’s just that it’s a grandma name.
  20. Tawny – It’s not the vibe.
  21. Evergreen – Eve is a decent nickname though.
  22. Hawkins – Okay but she could go by HAWKEYE. MASH fans get me.
  23. Skylene – Sky is pretty cute!
  24. Mama – But why?
  25. Greenleigh – This is like one of those memes of white people baby names.


  1. Woodland – Forrest wasn’t unique enough, huh?
  2. Fenway – FenWHY?
  3. Time – You’re done.
  4. Thanos – This one makes Rocket look like a good Guardians option.
  5. Colorado – This one is kind of cute.
  6. Zero – Is he Elon Musks son?
  7. Starling – Everyone is going to call him Sterling and he’s not going to correct them.
  8. Lancelot – Not the worst name on the list, honestly.
  9. Wealth – “Couldn’t afford a car so she named her daughter Alexis”
  10. Science – Name your other kids Technology, Education, Math, get all the STEM fields covered.
  12. Clever – Is it though?
  13. Tide – I hope you got a lifetime supply of Tide Pods for doing this.
  15. Swift – Taylor fans out here doing too much.
  16. Sacred – Why not at this point.
  17. Highland – Please tell me he was born on 4.20.
  18. Grit – I really didn’t think there was going to be a name worse than ‘mama’ on the list but here we are.
  19. Renegade – One of the better one son the list, honestly.
  20. Early – Way to curse your child to always be made fun of when he’s late.
  21. Preacher – My Christian upbringing would like to be excluded from commentary.
  22. Patch – Really cute cat name really weird people name.
  23. Muse – Why does this feel like girl name though?
  24. Morpheus – NOT KEANU???
  25. Keeper – Kreepy.


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