Top Chemical Water Treatment Service Companies in the United States


Clean water is a necessity for hydration, health, hygiene and other needs. For companies, purifying it is necessary to ensure the functionality of their machinery. The United States is home to the top chemical water treatment service companies, well-equipped to deliver these safe liquids to residents and commercial businesses.

As the population rises and water slowly becomes scarce, the demand continues to grow. Water cleaning services must try to accommodate this expansion, which calls for new methods and equipment to further the industry.

The State of the Water Treatment Industry

The majority of the world is filled to the brim with water. Rain provides this resource everywhere and some of these liquids are even found deep underground. However, each one can be full of impurities and microorganisms that can cause different kinds of sicknesses. Contamination can also destroy equipment components and render them unusable.

The water treatment industry has grown steadily throughout the years. Over 90% of Americans receive water from the 148,000 public water systems regulated by the government. Right now, the global water and wastewater treatment market is predicted to reach $536.41 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.5%.

It’s important to distinguish water treatment from wastewater treatment. The former usually deals with water from lakes and rivers. Treatment plants handle either surface water or groundwater. Surface water needs extra treatment and filtration due to the sediment from those sources. Either way, both have to undergo these steps:

  • Coagulation: Coagulation is a key step in segregating solids from water. Chemicals with a positive charge are mixed into the liquid to neutralize dirt and other particles.
  • Flocculation: Water from the coagulation stage is transferred to a flocculation tank. The water is gently mixed to create flocs, binding the impurities into clumps.
  • Sedimentation: Once clumps have formed, sedimentation is next. The water treatment system separates the solids by letting them sink into the water.
  • Filtration: The filtration stage covers any microparticles of dirt that weren’t removed in the previous stages. Filters typically catch parasites and bacteria to prevent viruses. Odor is also fixed and removed at this stage.
  • Disinfection: Extra chemical disinfectants are added to the water before distribution. Some chemical water treatment services utilize chlorine, but alternatives like ultraviolet light and ozone gas also kill remaining germs.

However, these resources are different from wastewater treatment processes, which deal with used water, mainly from sewage. Wastewater treatment is more of a pollution-control method to make water safe for nature again. Meanwhile, water treatment is a purification process that makes the resource usable for a community.

Top Chemical Water Treatment Service Companies

The top chemical water treatment service companies collectively work towards making water cleaner. Each service has its own service area and program nuances.

1. Chardon Laboratories, Inc.

Chardon Laboratories, Inc. is a pioneer when it comes to water treatment, meeting plenty of commercial and industrial cleaning needs since 1965. The primary services involve cooling tower water treatment, boiler water treatment and closed-loop water treatment.

Chardon utilizes various water treatment chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors, biocide, oxygen scavengers and pH control. Each tool helps address leaks and increase efficiency in manufacturing and food processing industries. The company also provides legionella testing, control and water management plans after recognizing the bacteria’s presence in different water systems.

While Chardon Laboratories, Inc. offers different chemical solutions, clients can also request chemical-free alternatives. Opting for non-chemical solutions when combatting contamination ensures an eco-friendly approach to cleaning the water in their systems. 

  • Headquarters: 7300 Tussing Rd, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
  • Service areas: Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland & DC, Michigan, New Jersey, NYC, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin
  • Contact number: (380) 224-7395
  • Email address: [email protected]

2. Industrial Treatment of Water, LLC

Industrial Treatment of Water, LLC and its water scientists aim to meet all water treatment goals while checking off your sustainability requirements. You can also seek non-chemical treatment technology for your project.

The organization primarily works on water treatment processes with boilers and towers in health care and pharmaceutical technology. It typically considers previous water treatment history when analyzing your company’s systems and resources.

Industrial Treatment of Water, LLC also aims to provide real-time mineral and treatment monitoring at all times. The Intuition tablet helps check pH levels, acid feeds and tower conditions. Cloud-based software programs also provide the same data.

  • Service areas: California, Oregon, and Washington
  • Contact number: 888-571-6036
  • Email address: [email protected]

3. Water Equipment and Treatment Services (WETS)

Water Equipment and Treatment Services offers a variety of water treatment service specifications, including industrial water and wastewater. In addition to implementation, WETS can also help clients obtain regulatory approval for their water plan.

One of their more unique products is the Water Aeration Filtration Unit. The WAFU Technology is a patent-pending water-treating unit that aims to simplify operations requiring both processes. It also improves water treatment while iron and manganese are present.

WETS, LLC prides itself on finding the best possible solution for a client’s needs. Specialists conduct on-site trials to collect water samples and observe the systems. After an analysis, they provide recommendations on what to enhance.

  • Headquarters: 8614 Fairbanks N Houston Road, Houston, TX 77064
  • Service areas: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma
  • Contact numbers: 713-660-9387, 713-409-3366
  • Email address: [email protected]

4. R2J Chemical Services, Inc.

R2J Chemical Services, Inc. is one of the top chemical water treatment service firms in the Tampa Bay area, operating since 1982. Thanks to its multiple years of technical experience, it now offers working custom water treatment programs.

In terms of eco-friendliness, R2J Chemical Services have Silver Bullet and Smart Release. The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system is a compact unit that treats and prevents scale, corrosion, and more on commercial and industrial cooling towers. Its installation and programming enable heat transfer efficiency, providing energy savings.

Meanwhile, the Smart Release are inhibitor tablets and biocides released into cooling systems and towers. Sending these capsules through a feeding system over 30 days can stabilize water without using electric pumps. There are also less dangers for hazardous chemical spills, keeping all parties safe.

  • Headquarters: 3750 70th Ave N Pinellas Park, FL 33781
  • Service areas: Florida
  • Contact number: 727-531-4135

5. TRS, Inc.

TRS, Inc. is a water treatment service operating from the Rocky Mountains since 1993. It focuses on water conditioning, cooling tower repair and industrial coatings. The brand also has non-chemical water treatment programs.

Aside from that option, TRS, Inc. also strives to promote environmental awareness and responsibility with their ozone water treatment. Ozone gas is a form of oxygen with excellent evaporative cooling results in industrial and commercial entities. 

Utilizing ozone gas as an eco-friendly option can provide excellent results without relying on chemicals that can cause emissions. Ozone water treatment can also remove Legionella bacteria because of its efficient heat transfer.

  • Headquarters: 15880 W 6th Ave, Frontage Rd Golden, Colorado 80401
  • Service areas: Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico
  • Contact numbers: 303-499-6722, 303-499-1803
  • Email address: [email protected]

6. ISI Water Chemistries

ISI Water Chemistries is a full-service water treatment company specializing in many areas. It can treat cooling water, boiler water and looped water systems. It also offers water testing and custom chemical blends suitable for your needs.

Its staff can deliver results and offer an educational approach. Ask questions when creating your treatment program to understand the why and how behind the system.

ISI Water Chemistries can provide training on cooling tower theory and operation, cooling tower chemical, boiler theory and operation, boiler chemicals, and more. Their reporting software also enables customers to log in results to keep staff  in the loop regarding water quality.

  • Service areas: Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona
  • Contact number: (801) 446-8434 
  • Email address: [email protected]

7. ChemSystems Hawaii

ChemSystems Hawaii is Hawaii’s main water treatment service provider, serving small businesses, large commercial offices and various government agencies. It mainly addresses cooling towers, chillers and boiler systems.

The enterprise’s unique problem is the state’s high silica presence in the water. It combats this with different purification methods. For example, the WCTI Water Conservation System is a patented treatment system that prevents scale, corrosion and biofouling without chemicals.

ChemSystems Hawaii also offers the KLP 311 deodorizer. These non-hazardous products are made of kelp extract, and work to clean water in sewage lift stations without alkali or acids.

  • Headquarters: 1911 Democrat St, Honolulu, HI 96819
  • Service areas: Hawaii
  • Contact number: (808) 845-4446, (808) 845-4449
  • Email address: [email protected]

8. Total System Services

Total System Services are specialists in handling and maintaining HVAC equipment and machinery. It also provides comprehensive water treatment and advisory to clientele and their projects. The brand understands water is a necessary heat exchange medium in many units, and recognizes their susceptibility to corrosion, scaling and fouling.

Commercial buildings and centers can get monthly treatment services and chemical feed equipment. Total System Services also provides water testing kits, Legionella testing and antifreeze services, and can accommodate cooling towers and boilers.

  • Service areas: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho
  • Contact number: (208) 376-1393, (503) 224-9329, (206) 934-1448

9. Agassiz Chemical & Equipment, Inc.

Agassiz Chemical & Equipment, Inc. is a key water treatment supplier enabling businesses to conduct a water treatment assessment and improve the safety of their water. Over 40 years of experience allows it to adapt to different water treatment needs.

The brand aims to minimize energy costs. A water treatment system that uses little electricity, steam and water can help conserve resources. Reducing strain also lengthens the life span of the system’s components.

  • Headquarters: 417 39th St N, Fargo, ND 58102
  • Service areas: North Dakota, Minnesota
  • Contact number: (701) 404-9728, (701) 293-6953
  • Email address: [email protected]

Sustainability Within the Water Treatment Industry

body of water
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Water treatment is a necessary process. Only 3% of the world’s water is fit for consumption and most of it is inaccessible since it’s trapped in ice caps. While it does take a considerable amount of energy to accomplish, the practice of water conditioning has created a variety of benefits, from increased energy production to waste reduction.

While water is treated, it can produce a considerable amount of biogas. This resource is a cleaner version of methane — a prominent fossil fuel. Adopting biogas can theoretically reduce emissions by 10% by 2030 and provide a source of energy for everything from lighting to cooking across the globe. 

Treatment services can also install hydropower solutions that allow plants to become self-sustaining. The San Diego County Water Authority has a turbine generator to create and supply enough energy to almost 1,600 households in the area.

Water treatment can also be a sustainable option, as it minimizes the amount of waste released into the environment. Companies can recycle the contaminants collected into fertilizer, making farming operations even more viable. 

Removing the pollution aspect in water treatment keeps everyone’s health and well-being intact. It ensures the environment is free of harmful chemicals, which helps fight climate change.

Developments in the Water Treatment Industry

Technological advances have made the water treatment industry even more efficient than before. It mainly began with filters and pumps before becoming elaborate. For example, nanofiltration technology has refined water treatment by using a high-pressure pump and lowering the salt content.

There’s also artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques. Both have become an assistive tool when monitoring and managing water quality throughout treatment. One key feature is safely tracking pH levels to ward against toxicity and acidity values.

AI expenditures are estimated at 10% of the $90 billion investment and are projected to tackle other complex problems within the water treatment industry. The main hindrance to meeting its full potential is to have enough data. Most models are trained on a unique data set, but water treatment circumstances and needs vary from state to state. 

Seek Water Treatment Service

Many top chemical water treatment service companies dedicate themselves to refining processes and making clean water available. Seek these services to get the most out of the environment and maintain your health.


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