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What is Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies has an expansive universe, breathtaking Starfighter combat, and a gripping narrative that players will want to keep returning to. Planetary-scale players can own their own avatars, mechs, and interstellar real estate. This is the most advanced experience currently available in a blockchain game. However, it features breathtaking, high-fidelity visuals, and a vast universe of content and quests. However, it challenges strategic mech combat, and a deep narrative full of memorable action and characters. It will be available on PC and consoles and can be played by purchasing Origin Series NFTs.

How to Play Phantom Galaxies

It’s a well-designed shared world with 3rd person action RPG gameplay. It is envisioned as a AAA space title with excellent mechanics that bridge the gap between traditional gamer expectations and the benefits of blockchain games.

In order to play the game, a player controls a pilot who can hop into a mech suit with different stats. The four mech suit classes available to players are Lancer, Buster, Breacher, and Assault. A lancer suit is sleek, quick, and designed for stealth. A lot of firepowers is available on The Buster to crash the adversaries. Breachers are trained to use melee weapons, whereas Assault class mechs are made for conventional commando operations. Players frequently have the chance to improve their equipment and gather in-game items. Additionally, there is a trading post where players can exchange goods with one another.

History of Phantom Galaxy

Phantom Galaxy is an open-world mech combat game, that is currently playable in public Alpha, and the beta version’s early access release is scheduled for Q3 2022. There are currently links to three of the four episodes in the Alpha version, and a fourth will be available once the beta version is released. Decentralized technology and blockchain assets are being used by Phantom Galaxy’s creators, Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands, to create a thrilling science fiction action space shooter with epic mech and Starfighter battle and exploration for players.

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How does Phantom Galaxies work?

Phantom Galaxy has proven to be a top-notch shared-world space game with a third-person action RPG design even in Alpha. It offers users access to the many benefits of blockchain games while having excellent mechanics that satisfy the needs of a traditional gamer. A pilot who can quickly change into a highly customizable mech suit with various stats is controlled by the player during gameplay. The four classes of mech suits that are currently available to players are Lancer, Buster, Breacher, and Assault.

NFTs are heavily emphasized in the blockchain game because they allow players to buy and earn in-game assets like spacecraft, avatars, mechs, and other things. In order to complete tasks, players must solve puzzles, gather materials for creation, manage markets, and establish corporations. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are useful in the game and will be connected to in-game characters and items. They are digital assets with ownership permanently recorded on the blockchain.

Phantom Galaxy NFTs

A mechanized Starfighter is the player’s primary weapon in Phantom Galaxies for both combat and exploration. Each Starfighter is represented by an NFT that describes both its external features and internal workings. Various tokens must fuse over the course of a Starfighter’s existence. While some Phantom Galaxy NFTs will be consumed during the fusion process, other NFTs won’t and will still have an impact on the specific outcome.

How to get started on Phantom Galaxies

Players will first need a Web3 wallet. One of the following options is available to them:

  1.  Wallet Connect
  2. MetaMask
  3. Coinbase Wallet

Players should visit the game website and follow the setup instructions thereafter setting up their wallet. This is a paid game. To participate, players will need an avatar, which can be purchased for a variety of prices. The four episodes of the Phantom Galaxies Alpha test are playable by anyone who has an Origin Series NFT. At the end of the article, under “Useful Links,” there is a link to detailed instructions.

Explanation of the Phantom Galaxies cryptocurrency and tokens

Phantom Galaxy will offer a variety of in-game NFTs with real digital ownership, which means that the asset owner can manage and profit from them. For use in governance, Starfighter fusion, and entry into particular activities, a variety of non-fungible (unique, one-of-a-kind) and fungible (not unique; interchangeable) tokens will be accessible in Phantom Galaxy. The in-game resources and minerals will be replaced by uncapped fungible tokens. However, these can be collected and scavenged in the open universe and traded on the Phantom Galaxy market.

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Why is Phantom Galaxies an innovative game?

Phantom Galaxies differs from conventional games in that it emphasizes true ownership. It belongs to a new wave of gaming platforms that let players buy, keep, and sell in-game goods. This game is now open to new gameplay and player interaction models thanks to ownership.

1. Ownership

The Polygon network is the foundation of this game. Every action is thus securely recorded and saved. Additionally, it implies that every in-game item, including coins, weapons, vehicles, and clothing, is always the property of the player. However, it extends ownership even further. Players will be able to vote on proposals for how the entire game is run by possessing the in-game token ASTRAFER.

2. Guilds

A significant component of the new generation of games is community building. Users’ crew can work as a unit to seize control of their sector and can own things and planets together. There are many people to connect with in Phantom Galaxies’ Alpha versions, where there are over 125,000 active players. Users can play, win, and earn with the right tribe if they can identify one that shares their objectives.

3. Planets

In May, 10,200 Planets were put up for sale, and they all quickly sold out. Players can establish their bases and guilds on planets. Additionally, they release the game token ASTRAFER. The Polygon network has planets coded into it, so once they buy one, they own it. This indicates that they can construct it, lease it out, purchase it, or keep it all to themselves.


The in-game token for Phantom Galaxy is ASTRAFER. It is the money that players can use to buy things. Additionally, it is the governance token, which entitles holders to vote on proposals. As part of the Animoca Brands ecosystem, which includes Phantom Galaxies, ASTRAFER is paired in liquidity pools with the following tokens:

  1. ETH
  2. USDC
  3. SAND
  4. REVV
  5. TOWER

How to install Phantom Galaxies

  1. Step 1: Order an Origin Series NFT from OpenSea.
  2. Step 2: Go to the Download page of Phantom Galaxies’ official website and log in with your wallet.
  3. Step 3: Copy your access code and go to the Phantom Galaxies Launcher download page for Windows or Mac.
  4. Step 4: Launch the installation (depending on your Windows settings, you may need to select “Run as administrator”). The installer downloads and installs the game.
  5. Step 5: As soon as the page loads, enter your unique access code. After pasting your access code, enter the prompt.

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How to earn money on Phantom Galaxies

Players can earn real-world money by progressing through the story and completing missions, earning resources to sell to other players via the in-game market. In this game, they may also compete to control various bases and resource locations. Players can receive rewards by staking governance tokens to their holdings as long as they retain power after being taken.

The Phantom Galaxies Governance token, also known as the PGToken, will also be available as a passive income source for planet owners. In order to give owners of planets more incentives to fully participate in the game, its plans to implement an emissions multiplier. This multiplier increases the number of tokens earned. Owners can raise their multiplier by enticing players to their planet, making improvements to it, and remaining engaged in the game.

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Pros and cons of Phantom Galaxies

Pros of Phantom Galaxy

  1. Is a completely new IP.
  2. Customizable mechs, avatars, and other features make games very interesting to play and replayable.
  3. Numerous collectibles and modes.

Cons of Phantom Galaxy

  1. Purchase of the game’s initial character as well as subsequent NFT investments.
  2. Uncertainties are always present in new games in new genres, and since Phantom Galaxies is the first of its kind, this is especially true in this case.
  3. Phantom Galaxies has already shown that it has a lot of potential, but the enormous variety of game modes and collectibles will require significant time, effort, and financial commitment from committed players.

What is the Phantom Galaxies release date?

The game’s early access launch is planned for Q4 2022, and a full release is anticipated for 2023. Small missions have already been completed by some players during Phantom Galaxies events. These served as test runs while also giving users a glimpse of the game’s potential quality. However, there is no fixed Phantom Galaxies release date.

FAQs on Phantom Galaxies

Q1. Is Phantom Galaxies going to be a free game?

No, in order to play, players must purchase an Origin Series NFT (of any kind).

Q2. What is Phantom Galaxies NFT?

It combines an open-world space simulation with a fast-paced mech shooter, RPG elements, and a compelling story.

Q3. How can you get Phantom Galaxies NFTs for free?

There have previously been free AirDrops, and more are on the way. Users can also complete the story missions to earn free NFTs.

Q4. What is the Phantom Galaxies release date?

The beta version of the game is currently in development. However, it will be released in the third quarter of 2022.

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