XOi defines the next frontier of field service technology with the launch of Premium Insights and XOi Advisor.


Powerful new AI-driven tools empower business owners to maximize leverage of XOi’s industry-leading jobsite and equipment data

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — XOi, a leading provider of technician-focused technology solutions for commercial and residential field service companies, announces the launch of Premium Insights and XOi Advisor; tools that leverage XOi’s industry-leading catalog of jobsite data, providing field service FSPs, Distributors, and OEMs with insights on how to maximize asset knowledge and performance throughout the equipment lifecycle.

The new tools utilize artificial intelligence and the deepest data set in the HVAC field service industry to deliver unprecedented actionable insights that help stakeholders and decision-makers understand how to maximize efficient uptime, identify potential revenue, and drive productivity and growth.

“For more than a decade, our passion for empowering technicians has driven us to build the most comprehensive repository of equipment and jobsite data available,” said Aaron Salow, founder and CEO of XOi.”We’re allowing every stakeholder in the field service ecosystem to fully engage and activate that data to have granular, real-time insights that they can immediately employ to evolve and elevate their business. These tools will empower the industry in ways we’ve never experienced before.”

The new Premium Insights and Advisor tools are powered to pull mechanical data from any customer dataset — whether it be captured in XOi, FSM, or other customer management tool — clean and enrich the dataset with 50+ additional data points such as refrigerant types, heat types, and filter size; and, with the use of AI reporting, produce a clear, actionable deliverable that provides the intelligence to unlock new, highly strategic, repeatable, and monetizable applications such as:

  • Tracking regulations and compliance.
  • Proactively planning the purchase of parts and material inventory.
  • Preparing for staffing needs.
  • Identifying gaps in technician training.
  • Aligning technician skill sets with how efficiently assets are performing.
  • Managing equipment lifecycle and proactively capital planning for companies focused on decarbonization, electrification, and ESG reporting.

XOi’s new enhancements equip technicians, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and end customers with a single authoritative technology solution for the entire lifecycle of equipment, from installation to maintenance, repair and replacement.

“Consistent, accurate, and comprehensive data collection from the jobsite is critical for any technology tool to have a real impact in the field service industry,” said Aaron Salow, founder and CEO of XOi. “With our new enhancements, business owners now have a platform to take all of their organically collected, unstructured data, and turn it into organized, actionable insights. The Premium Insights and Advisor tools will help business owners centralize, understand and leverage the data technicians are continually compiling on the job. These product enhancements separate our customers from their competitors, and give them a specific technology advantage.”

As users of the Premium Insights tool since its inception, we’ve seen a number of positive effects in our business,” said Joe Lang, VP of Service Technology and Innovation at Comfort Systems USA. “XOi has consolidated numerous mechanical data points and has made it so we’re able to effectively use data to identify end of life opportunities for our customers. We’re not only identifying more opportunities for revenue, we’re helping our sales team create data-backed partnerships with our customers.”

“The ability to have a wealth of knowledge about our customer’s assets, simply by XOi enriching the data, allows the PremiStar team to capitalize on valuable opportunities and price service agreements more intelligently.” said Mike Harris, Senior Vice President at PremiStar. “With the addition of XOi Advisor, these agreements and opportunities are even more tactical to include a proactive approach to regulatory compliance, sustainability, and parts ordering and availability.”

XOi provides field service contractors and their teams with the premier tool for managing and leveraging data from current jobs as well as historical projects, including powerful data collection, virtual support and mentoring, and real, actionable insights. For more information about XOi, visit https://xoi.io.

About XOi
XOi, the leading provider of technician-first technology for commercial and residential field service companies, arms the field service industry with a digital tool that connects people to equipment. XOi technology is the hub in which every part of the job—from the field to the office—connects to facilitate a transparent experience for the OEM, contractor, technician, and customer. XOi provides remote support, visual documentation, training resources, asset and team management functions, a comprehensive knowledge base, and immediate revenue-producing insights leveraging data from current and historical projects. Beyond this tool that manages efficiency, consistency, and communication, XOi’s goal is to create future-focused technology that modernizes the field service industry as a whole and helps to overcome the issues that threaten the livelihoods of the hard-working people in the trades. For more information about XOi, visit xoi.io.

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