YVR changing advertising agencies, set to get dynamic displays


New pact set to include a digital renewal with more dynamic, rather than static, displays

The Vancouver Airport Authority (VAA) on March 1 switched its advertising partner to Pattison Outdoor Advertising (POA), from what had been Astral Media, as the go-to agency for advertising at Vancouver International Airport (YVR.)

BIV asked for an interview with someone at the VAA to explain the change but was only sent a statement, saying that the new partner “opens doors for a wider variety of advertisers, including more local brands, to reach the more than 24 million passengers passing through YVR annually.”

The VAA also anticipates what it calls a “digital reimagining.” It explained in a statement that this meant that the advertising inventory at YVR will include “dynamic digital products” replacing static displays. These new products will be part of a strategy for “enhancing the airport’s sense of place and overall aesthetic.” 

The VAA said that it thinks the switch will make way for new brands to advertise at the airport, although it did not say whether some previous advertisers will be left out as part of the agency switch. BIV has asked the VAA if some previous advertisers will be left out but has not yet received a response. 

“This transformation is scheduled to begin in Q2 of this year, with an estimated completion date of Q4 2025,” the VAA said. 

POA said that the contract win “solidifies its position as the dominant advertising supplier in Western Canada by welcoming YVR into its extensive national airport portfolio.”

Pattison said that it is the primary advertising provider to 17 Canadian airports. YVR is Canada’s second-largest airport by passenger volume after Toronto Pearson International Airport.

“Over the next two years, Pattison will unveil a comprehensive digital renewal at YVR, introducing an innovative content strategy to enhance brand visibility and engagement for the airport’s advertising partners,” POA said in a news release. “Traveller experience will be at the core of all decision-making, with thoughtful consideration to creating spaces that inspire and embody the true natural beauty of B.C.”

That same release included a statement from VAA CEO Tamara Vrooman, saying that the new pact prompts her to “look forward to elevating the advertising spaces and technology at YVR that will allow for creative executions and engaging content.”

YVR last year set its all-time record, with 12,812,955 domestic passengers who either boarded or disembarked planes. 

Overall, 24,938,184 passengers either boarded or disembarked flights at YVR in 2023, up 5,924,768, or nearly 31.2 per cent, from the 19,013,416 passengers who boarded or disembarked flights at the airport in 2022. Back in 2019, a record 26,379,870 passengers either boarded or disembarked planes at YVR.

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